Legislation with Tracking Level = Oppose (15)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 1/17/2024

HB 2013 OpposeSchools; student promotions John Fillmore
2/10/2020 House - House third reading FAILED voting: (29-31-0-0) Rules --
HB 2015 OpposeSchools; supplemental materials; approval John Fillmore
2/12/2020 House - House Committee of the Whole action: Retained on the Calendar Rules --
HB 2031 OpposeSchool marshals; requirements; training John Fillmore
1/22/2020 House - House PS Committee action: Held, voting: (0-0-0-0-0-0) Education --
HB 2089 OpposeSchools; safety; threat assessment teams John Kavanagh
3/3/2020 Senate - Senate read second time Rules Education Accountability and Reform -
HB 2125 OpposeDistricts; initiatives; litigation; prohibition Bob Thorpe
3/9/2020 House - House RULES Committee action: Discussed and Held, voting: (0-0-0-0-0-0) Rules --
Local Control Public Officials
HB 2128 OpposeSchool districts; universities; recesses; coordination Warren Petersen
2/24/2020 House - House minority caucus: Do pass Rules --
Local Control
HB 2166 OpposeSchools; graduation requirements; university admissions Michelle Udall
1/27/2020 House - House ED Committee action: Held, voting: (0-0-0-0-0-0) Rules --
HB 2648 OpposeAlternative testing; exemption; special education Nancy Barto
3/3/2020 Senate - Senate read second time Rules Education Accountability and Reform -
A-F Letter Grades
HB 2779 OpposeState equalization assistance; rate; appropriation Warren Petersen
2/25/2020 Senate - Senate read second time Rules Finance -
HB 2898 OpposeEmpowerment scholarships; qualified schools; parent Regina Cobb
2/26/2020 House - House minority caucus: Do pass Rules --
School Choice
HCR 2008 OpposeSchool finance; payment deferrals; prohibition Warren Petersen
3/3/2020 House - House majority caucus: Do pass Rules --
School Finance
SB 1082 OpposeSex education; schools Sylvia Allen
5/8/2020 Senate - Assigned to Senate RULES Committee -Rules -
Local Control
SB 1122 OpposeSchool consolidation elections; majority vote Sylvia Allen
3/5/2020 Senate - Senate motion to reconsider third reading -Rules -
Local Control
SB 1224 OpposeEmpowerment scholarships; qualifications; administration; appropriations Sylvia Allen
3/20/2020 Senate - Chapter 12 Rules Rules -
School Choice
SB 1664 OpposeCivil liability; gun-free zones David Gowan
3/5/2020 Senate - Senate third reading FAILED voting: (13-16-1-0) -Rules -
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