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Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/7/2024

HB 0032 PassedIncome tax; teacher recruitment and retention program; provide tax credit Dave Belton
4/21/2021 Effective Date 2021-07-01 Education Finance -
HB 0063 PassedAlternative ad valorem tax; motor vehicles; revise definition of fair market value Shaw Blackmon
5/4/2021 Effective Date 2022-01-01 Ways and Means Finance -
Taxation Taxation - Ad Valorem
HB 0098 PassedState government; conditions for meetings and public hearings to be held by teleconference in emergency conditions; provide Eddie Lumsden
5/4/2021 Effective Date 2021-05-04 Governmental Affairs Science and Technology -
Local Board Governance
HB 0112 PassedTorts; provide certain immunities from liability claims regarding COVID-19; extend applicability for one year Trey Kelley
5/4/2021 Effective Date 2021-07-01 Special Committee on Access to the Civil Justice System Judiciary -
HB 0134 PassedState government; meetings relating to cybersecurity contracting and planning from open meeting requirements; exclude Victor Anderson
4/29/2021 Effective Date 2021-04-29 Judiciary Science and Technology -
Local Board Governance
HB 0146 PassedPublic officers and employees; paid parental leave for eligible state employees and eligible local board of education employees; provide Houston Gaines
5/5/2021 Effective Date 2021-07-01 Health and Human Services Insurance and Labor -
Local Board Governance Personnel Funding
HB 0156 PassedMilitary; sharing of information and reporting of cyber attacks; facilitate Don Parsons
3/25/2021 Effective Date 2021-03-25 Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Veterans, Military and Homeland Security -
HB 0282 PassedAd valorem tax; qualified timberland property; add a definition Steven Meeks
5/7/2021 Effective Date 2021-07-01 Ways and Means Finance -
HB 0287 PassedEducation; tobacco and vapor products in course of instruction regarding alcohol and drugs; include Bonnie Rich
4/27/2021 Effective Date 2021-07-01 Education Education and Youth -
HB 0385 PassedTeachers Retirement System of Georgia; employ beneficiaries; permit public school systems Shaw Blackmon
4/28/2022 Effective Date 2022-07-01 Retirement Retirement -
HB 0392 PassedAlcoholic beverages; licenses for retail sale packages of alcoholic beverages for consumption off premises shall be subject to regulation as to distance from schools as determined by the local governing authority; provide Jason Ridley
5/4/2021 Effective Date 2021-05-04 Regulated Industries Regulated Industries and Utilities -
HB 0451 PassedAd valorem tax; property; fair market value applicable to inventory; provisions Eddie Lumsden
5/4/2021 Effective Date 2021-05-04 Ways and Means Finance -
HB 0517 PassedEducation; calculation of minimum revenue obligations for scholarships and tuition grants; provide for inclusion of earned interest John Carson
4/28/2022 Effective Date 2022-07-01 Education Finance -
HB 0997 PassedAd valorem tax; timber equipment and timber products held by timber producers; provide exemption Sam Watson
5/10/2022 Effective Date 2022-05-10 Ways and Means Finance -
Taxation - Ad Valorem
HB 1084 PassedEducation; curricula or training programs which encourage certain concepts; prevent use of Will Wade
4/28/2022 Effective Date 2022-07-01 Education Education and Youth -
Curriculum Local Board Governance
HB 1178 PassedParents' Bill of Rights; enact Josh Bonner
4/28/2022 Effective Date 2022-07-01 Education Education and Youth -
Other Parents
HB 1215 PassedEducation; provision that reduced the amount of certain funding to state charter schools that offer virtual instruction; remove Brad Thomas
5/2/2022 Effective Date 2022-07-01 Education Education and Youth -
Charter Schools Other
HB 1283 PassedQuality Basic Education Act; recess for students in kindergarten and grades one through five; provide Demetrius Douglas
5/9/2022 Effective Date 2022-07-01 Education Education and Youth -
HB 1292 PassedEducation; prohibit students who participate in 4-H sponsored activities or programs from being counted as absent from school Rick Jasperse
5/2/2022 Effective Date 2022-05-02 Education Education and Youth -
HB 1303 PassedEducation; transition a pilot program for elementary agricultural education to an ongoing program Robert Dickey
4/13/2022 Effective Date 2022-07-01 Education Agriculture and Consumer Affairs -
Funding Local Board Governance
HB 1461 PassedLocal government; annexation of territory; revise provisions relating to dispute resolution Victor Anderson
5/2/2022 Effective Date 2022-07-01 Governmental Affairs Judiciary -
HR 0052 PassedJoint Study Committee on Childhood Lead Exposure; create Katie Dempsey
3/31/2021 House - House Passed/Adopted By Substitute Health and Human Services --
HR 0222 PassedHouse Study Committee on Annexation; create Victor Anderson
3/31/2021 House - House Passed/Adopted By Substitute Governmental Affairs --
HR 0400 PassedImportance of creating multiple diploma pathways for high school students; commend Jan Jones
3/16/2021 House - House Read and Adopted ---
HR 0650 PassedHouse Study Committee on Literacy Instruction; create Matthew Gambill
3/18/2022 House - House Passed/Adopted By Substitute Education --
Curriculum Other
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