Legislation Assigned to the Senate Higher Education Committee (6)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 3/13/2020

HB 0392 MonitorMove on When Ready Act; students taking dual credit courses at certain eligible postsecondary institutions; allow funding Barry Fleming
3/21/2018 Senate Read Second Time Higher Education Higher Education -
Governance Student Matters
Crossover Attached to SB 401 which passed the House
HB 0432 PassedTuition grants; certain institutions that lack accreditation be approved for tuition equalization purposes; provide Matt Dubnik
7/1/2018 Effective Date Higher Education Higher Education -
Finance - Funding Home,Charter and Choice
SIGNED by the Governor May 3, 2018
HB 0713 MonitorPostsecondary education; HOPE and Zell Miller eligibility requirements relative to students who graduated from an ineligible high school; provide Joyce Chandler
3/29/2018 House Agreed Senate Amend or Sub As Amended Higher Education Higher Education -
Student Matters
SB 5 Attached on Senate Floor
SB 0005 MonitorLottery for Education; net proceeds transferred to the state treasury for credit to the Lottery for Education Account; establish the percentage Bill Cowsert
3/30/2017 House Withdrawn, Recommitted Appropriations Higher Education -
Finance - Funding
Attached to HB 713 on Senate Floor
SB 0082 PassedHOPE; need based HOPE scholarship and grant; create Lester Jackson
5/8/2018 Act 558 Higher Education Higher Education -
Student Matters
SIGNED by the Governor May 8, 2018 for Georgia National Gaurd and Reservist
SB 0377 PassedState Workforce Development Board; transfer to Technical College System of Georgia; duties and obligations; revise Brian Strickland
3/22/2018 Act 289 Industry and Labor Higher Education -
SIGNED by the Governor May 3, 2018 Associated with CTAE changes
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