Legislation Sponsored by Douglas,John 17th (8)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 1/26/2023

SB 0003 MonitorHunting; provide for veterans' lifetime sportsman's license; fees Douglas,John 17th
1/14/2008 Senate Recommitted -NR&E -
08. Probate Courts Hunting / Fishing
SB 0004 MonitorMotor Vehicles; license/registration; false statement in application; penalties Douglas,John 17th
1/22/2007 Senate Read and Referred -PS&HS -
05. Superior Courts
SB 0021 MonitorCrimes; person convicted of murder against peace officer, corrections employee, or firefighter; official duties; change punishment Douglas,John 17th
1/10/2007 Senate Read and Referred -JUDY -
05. Superior Courts
SB 0023 PassedCriminal Sentencing Procedure; probation/suspension; court may inquire/consider the legality of prisoner's presence in United States Douglas,John 17th
5/11/2007 Senate Date Signed by Governor JudyNC JUDY -
02. Supreme Court 03. Court of Appeals 05. Superior Courts 06. State Courts 07. Juvenile Courts
08. Probate Courts 09. Magistrate Courts 10. Municipal Courts 12. All Courts 13. Superior Court Clerks
14. All Court Clerks
SB 0025 MonitorLicense Plates; driver's license; issuance; payment/disposition of fees; proof of citizenship Douglas,John 17th
2/13/2008 Senate Committee Favorably Reported -PUB SAF -
06. State Courts 10. Municipal Courts
SB 0335 MonitorState Agencies; designate English as official language; prohibit requiring employees to speak/learn any other languages for employment (PF) Douglas,John 17th
3/11/2008 Senate Third Read -PUB SAF -
12. All Courts
SR 0279 MonitorSenate; provide four-year terms of office for members CA Douglas,John 17th
3/27/2008 House Committee Favorably Reported GAff ETHICS -
08. Probate Courts Elections
SR 1147 PassedFleeing and Law Enforcement Pursuits; create Senate Study Committee Douglas,John 17th
4/2/2008 Senate Passed/Adopted -PUB SAF -
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