Legislation Sponsored by Setzler,Ed 35th (3)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/13/2022

HB 0276 MonitorBiometric Information Protection Act; enact Setzler,Ed 35th
2/8/2007 House Second Readers JudyNC --
05. Superior Courts 06. State Courts 08. Probate Courts 09. Magistrate Courts Criminal
HB 0832 MonitorCertain courts; notify school superintendents of certain information; require Setzler,Ed 35th
4/16/2007 House Second Readers JudyNC --
05. Superior Courts 07. Juvenile Courts 13. Superior Court Clerks 14. All Court Clerks
HB 0940 MonitorMicrochip Consent Act of 2008; enact Setzler,Ed 35th
3/4/2008 House Committee Favorably Reported Judy --
06. State Courts 09. Magistrate Courts Civil
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