Fire Services

HB 0083WatchFirefighters' Pension Fund; invest up to 10 percent in real estate; provideHoward Maxwell
7/1/2017Effective DateRetirementRetirement
Fire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentIntern 1Public Safety and CourtsRetirement
This legislation allows the Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund to invest up to 10% of its assets in real estate.
HB 0084WatchFirefighters' Pension Fund; invest up to 10 percent in alternative investments; provideHoward Maxwell
2/14/2017Senate Read and ReferredRetirementRetirement
Fire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentIntern 1Public Safety and CourtsRetirement
This legislation allows the Georgia Firefighters'  Pension Fund to invest up to 10% of its assets in alternative investments. 
HB 0146NeutralRequirement for Local Governments to Provide Cancer Benefit to All FirefightersMicah Gravley
1/1/2018Effective DateInsuranceState and Local Governmental Operations
2017/01/27-Report2017/02/03-Report2017/02/10 - Report2017/02/17-Report2017/03/06 - Report
2017/03/10 - Report2017/03/17 - ReportDebra NesbitFire ServicesGeneral County Government
InsuranceInsurance Public Safety and CourtsRevenue & Finance
This legislation requires fire departments to purchase insurance coverage on each firefighter to pay claims for cancer diagnosed after serving at least 12 consecutive months as a firefighter in the department if the cancer or treatment makes them unable to perform their firefighter duties.
HB 0149NeutralRequirement for Counties to Use Only GBI Approved Trauma Scene Cleanup Services and Consolidation of Fire ServicesAlan Powell
3/29/2018Senate Disagreed House Amend or SubPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityPublic Safety
2017/03/06 - Report2018/03/16 Report2018/03/23 ReportBusiness and Occupation TaxCode Enforcement
Coroners/Medical ExaminersDebra NesbitEmergency Management/PreparednessEMS/AmbulanceFire Services
Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add OnsGeorgia Bureau of InvestigationHealth and Human ServicesLaw EnforcementNat. Res. & the Environment
Public Safety and CourtsSheriffSolid Waste
This legislation preempts county and city governments from requiring licenses or permits for trauma scene waste management practitioners or regulated waste transporters.  When hiring a company to cleanup or remove trauma scene waste, counties and cities must hire a company approved by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.  This bill was amended to include S.B. 319 which provides for the Consolidation of all Fire Services into a separate state agency.
HB 0152NegotiatingWorker's Compensation For Firefighters Diagnosed with CancerMicah Gravley
3/30/2017House Withdrawn, RecommittedIndustry and Labor
2017/01/27-Report2017/02/03-ReportDebra NesbitFire ServicesInsurance
Insurance MandatePersonnel/EmploymentPublic Safety and Courts
 This legislation allows worker's compensation benefits for firefighters who are diagnosed with cancer that, upon a preponderance of competent and credible evidence, can prove the cancer was directly related to their duties as a firefighter.
HB 0163WatchProhibition for Use of Wireless Devices While Operating a School BusBetty Price
1/31/2017House Second ReadersPublic Safety and Homeland Security
Debra NesbitEcon. Dev. & TransportationEMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesLaw Enforcement
Public Safety and CourtsTraffic Enforcement
This legislation prohibits the use of handheld wireless telecommunication devices while driving.  An exception is provided for law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS personnel and ambulance drivers during the performance of their duties.
HB 0251SupportAllow EMS Personnel Access to Private Property During Declared State EmergencyDarrel Ealum
7/1/2017Effective DatePublic Safety and Homeland SecurityPublic Safety
2017/02/03-Report2017/03/06 - Report2017/03/17 - ReportDebra NesbitEmergency Management/Preparedness
EMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesLaw EnforcementPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation gives EMS and all first responders the right to enter private property during a disaster declared by the governor, for search and rescue, debris removal and providing aid.
HB 0297EvaluatingChild Safety and Emergency Preparedness ActDebra Bazemore
2/10/2017House Second ReadersEducation
2017/02/10 - ReportDebra NesbitEmergency Management/PreparednessFire ServicesLaw Enforcement
Public Safety and Courts
This legislation enacts the Child Safety and Emergency Preparedness Act which requires community leaders and public safety officials to assist in development of Emergency Plans for all licensed early care and education centers. 
HB 0300NeutralState Health Plan and Federal Qualified Health CentersGeoff Duncan
2/14/2017House Second ReadersHealth & Human Services
Clerk of CourtDistrict AttorneysFire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentHealth and Human Services
InsuranceInsurance JuvenilesLarry RamseyLaw Enforcement
Magistrate CourtPersonnel/EmploymentProbate CourtPublic Safety and CourtsRetirement
Revenue & FinanceSheriffSolicitorsState CourtSuperior Court
Tax Commissioner
This legislation makes changes to the administration of the state employee health plan.
HB 0312SupportRetirement Plans - Allow Roth optionHoward Maxwell
1/1/2018Effective DateRetirementRetirement
CompensationFire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentLarry RamseyPersonnel/Employment
This bill provides that the state retirement system, as well as retirement plans offered by counties and other local governments, may include an option for use of a qualified Roth contribution program in a deferred compensation plan. As to counties, this appears to be a restatement or clarification of existing authority provided to counties under the Georgia Constitution.
HB 0391SupportAdditional Sites For Safe Place for NewbornsDavid Clark
7/1/2017Effective DateJuvenile JusticeSpecial Judiciary
Debra NesbitFire ServicesHealth and Human ServicesLaw EnforcementPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation amends the Safe Place for Newborns Act of 2002 by adding police and fire stations to safe place locations.  The bill also allows for reimburse by the Department of Human Resoures for any expenses prior to the department taking possession of the child.
HB 0430NeutralGovernor's Education Reform Commission - Charter Schools Buzz Brockway
7/1/2017Effective DateEducationEducation and Youth
Business and Occupation TaxCode EnforcementFire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentLand Use/Zoning
Todd Edwards
This legislation sets statewide standards and authorization processes for charter schools by local school boards and the State Charter Schools Commission.  While an earlier version removed charter schools from local zoning and land use ordinances, the bill was amended in Senate committee to require that "the location of a charter school shall be in conformity with existing county or city comprehensive land use plans, if applicable, or existing land use patterns in the area."    
HB 0498EvaluatingProhibition Against Broadcaster Giving Personally Identifiable Visual Information of a VictimBrian Strickland
2/28/2017House Second ReadersJudiciary
Debra NesbitEMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesHealth and Human ServicesLaw Enforcement
Public Safety and Courts
This legislation creates a cause of action against a broadcaster depicting an accident or trauma scene to provide personally identifiable visual information or identification of a victim.
HB 0673NeutralProhibit Distracted DrivingJohn Carson
7/1/2018Effective DateJudiciary - Non-CivilJudiciary
2018/01/12 Report2018/02/23 Report2018/03/2 Report2018/03/23 ReportDebra Nesbit
Econ. Dev. & TransportationFire ServicesPublic Safety and CourtsTraffic EnforcementTransportation
This legislation creates the offense(s) of violation of usage of a wireless telecommunications device, which prohibits the use of the device for texting, receiving or sending text, or talking on a wireless device while driving.    The fine shall be $50.00 for the first conviction; the second conviction the fine shall be $100.00; and the third offense shall be $150.00, no additional surcharges shall be assessed on any fine for distracted driving.  There is a provision that if proof is presented to the court on the first offense that the driver purchased a hands free device for future use, the charge shall be dismissed.  There is a specific exemption for law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS or any public safety first responder during the performance of their duties.
HB 0699SupportAcceptance of Military Firefighter Training as Required Basic Firefighter CertificationDave Belton
7/1/2018Effective DatePublic Safety and Homeland SecurityPublic Safety
2018/02/09 Report2018/03/09 ReportDebra NesbitFire ServicesPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation allows military firefighter training in lieu of the required basic firefighter training for full time firefighters, upon the approval of the Firefighters Standards and Training Council.
HB 0703SupportCreation of the Governor's Office of Public Safety SupportBill Hitchens
5/7/2018Act 439Public Safety and Homeland SecurityPublic Safety
2018/01/26 Report2018/02/09 Report2018/03/16 ReportDebra NesbitEmergency Management/Preparedness
EMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesHealth and Human ServicesLaw EnforcementPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation creates the Governor's Office of Public Safety Support which will provide peer to peer counseling for public safety officers who experience traumatic events.  This office will be housed within the Department of Public Safety and will be staffed by employees of the department.  The legislation is contingent on funding.
HB 0798NeutralFirefighter License Plate - Eligibility Mandi Ballinger
2/12/2018House Committee Favorably Reported By SubstituteMotor Vehicles
Econ. Dev. & TransportationFire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentKathleen BowenPublic Safety and Courts
Revenue & FinanceTags/Titles
This legislation changes the eligibility requirements for the firefighter prestige license plate. All firefighters and all volunteer firefighters would now be eligible for the license plate created for firefighters.  
HB 0876NeutralBuilding Codes - Locals Cannot Prohibit Wood Construction John Corbett
7/1/2018Effective DateAgriculture and Consumer AffairsAgriculture and Consumer Affairs
2018/02/09 Report2018/02/16 Report2018/02/23 Report2018/03/23 ReportCode Enforcement
Fire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentPreemptionPublic Safety and CourtsTodd Edwards
This legislation preempts local governments from prohibiting the use of wood as a construction material so long as such use conforms to all applicable state minimum standard codes and the Georgia State Fire Code.  Several cities, concerned with fire safety, have enacted such ordinances.       
HB 0889EvaluatingDefinition Change for Those Eligible for the Georgia Indemnification Fund PaymentsMicah Gravley
2/15/2018House Committee Favorably ReportedPublic Safety and Homeland Security
2018/02/16 ReportDebra NesbitEMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesLaw Enforcement
Public Safety and Courts
This legislation creates a new definition of public safety officer that includes all law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicans, emergency management specialist, state highway employees and prison guards.  The bill also clarifies eligibility for payment of benefits in certain circumstances.
HB 0958EvaluatingRequired Sign at All Medical Facilities to Indicate a Newborn May Be LeftDave Belton
2/22/2018House Second ReadersHealth and Human Services
Debra NesbitFire ServicesHealth and Human ServicesPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation requires the Department of Community Health to design and provide signs to all medical facilities that indicate the locations as ones where a newborn may be left.
HB 0992NeutralDeletion of Outdated Requirements for External DefibrillatorsJodi Lott
3/29/2018Senate Conference Committee Appointed 50th, 56th, 11thPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityPublic Safety
911Debra NesbitEMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesHealth and Human Services
Law EnforcementPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation eliminates sections of the statute relating to external defibrillators that are no longer relavent.
HR 1321EvaluatingHouse Study Committee on High Risk Exposure to HIV and Hepatitis B and C; createClay Cox
2/28/2018House Second ReadersSpecial Rules
Correctional Institutions/JailDebra NesbitEMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesHealth and Human Services
InsuranceInsurance Law EnforcementPublic Safety and Courts
SB 0053NeutralRequire Adult Diapering Stations in Public Meeting Facilities Valencia Seay
1/25/2017Senate Read and ReferredHealth and Human Services
Code EnforcementFire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentHealth and Human ServicesMandate
Public Safety and CourtsTodd Edwards
This legislation requires auditoriums, convention center, cultural complexes, exhibition halls, permanent amusement parks, sports arenas and theaters to install adult changing stations (i.e., a wall mounted, ergonomic, powered table for the diapering of adults) in enclosed restrooms for handicapped, special needs or families.
SB 0128EvaluatingDrivers' Licenses; Department of Natural Resources; limited purposes; allow for the sharing of personal dataJohn Wilkinson
7/1/2017Effective DatePublic Safety and Homeland SecurityNatural Resources and the Environment
Fire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentIntern 1Law EnforcementPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation allows the sharing of driver's license information with the Department of Natural Resources.
SB 0141SupportRequire Engineering Evaluation for All Carnival Ride PermitsBruce Thompson
7/1/2017Effective DateRegulated IndustriesRegulated Industries and Utilities
2017/02/10 - Report2017/03/10 - Report2017/03/17 - ReportCode EnforcementFire Services
General County GovernmentKathleen BowenPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation requires the operators the first time they apply for a permit in Georgia to provide an engineering evaluation of carnival rides to the State Fire Marshal prior to the issuance of a permit. 
SB 0154EvaluatingAdditional Penalties for Assault and Battery Against Public Safety Officer While on DutyGregory Kirk
3/27/2018House Passed/Adopted By SubstituteJudiciary Non-CivilPublic Safety
2017/02/17-ReportCorrectional Institutions/JailCriminal ProcedureDebra NesbitDistrict Attorneys
Econ. Dev. & TransportationEMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesJuvenilesLaw Enforcement
Magistrate CourtProbate CourtProbationPublic Safety and CourtsSolicitors
State CourtSuperior CourtTraffic Enforcement
This legislation provides for tort liability for those who commit an offense of aggravated assault and aggravated battery against a public safety officer, as well as for the parents of any youth who commit the offense.  There is also an additional penalty assessed dedicated to the Georgia State Indemnification Fund.  The language from this legislation was added to SB 160 "Back the Badge".
SB 0160SupportBack the Badge ActTyler Harper
7/1/2017Effective DateJudiciary Non-CivilPublic Safety
2017/02/17-Report2017/03/17 - ReportClerk of CourtCorrectional Institutions/JailCriminal Procedure
Debra NesbitDistrict AttorneysEMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesHealth and Human Services
JuvenilesLaw EnforcementMagistrate CourtProbate CourtProbation
Public Safety and CourtsSheriffSolicitorsState CourtSuperior Court
Traffic Enforcement
This legislation provides exclusive jurisdiction of 13 to 17 year olds who commit an offense of aggravated assault or aggravated battery against a public safety official.  This legislation includes HB 116, HB 258, and SB 154 which gives superior court full jurisdiction for juvenile cases involving aggravated assault, increasing sentences for assaulting a police officer, and additional penalties for those convicted of assaulting a public safety officer while on duty.
SB 0227EvaluatingLocal Government; process of establishing a compact with one or more other states; new sovereignties; provideJoshua McKoon
2/22/2017Senate Read and ReferredState and Local Governmental Operations
AirportsAnnexation/MunicipalizationBusiness and Occupation TaxCode EnforcementCriminal Procedure
Econ. Dev. & TransportationEconomic DevelopmentEminent Domain/CondemnationFinancingFire Services
Form of GovernmentGeneral County GovernmentLand Use/ZoningLaw EnforcementNat. Res. & the Environment
Open Records/Meetings ActPortsProcurementProperty TaxPublic Safety and Courts
RetirementRevenue & FinanceSales Tax-LocalSewer/SeptageSolid Waste
Todd EdwardsTransportationUtilities Water Quality
This legislation adopts the Interstate Prosperity States Compact, which would allow the creation of new sovereignties known as "prosperity districts." 
SB 0228EvaluatingProhibits Improper Operation of Emergency or Law Enforcement Vehicles by Elected OfficialsJoshua McKoon
3/5/2018House Second ReadersRulesPublic Safety
Debra NesbitEMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesLaw EnforcementPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation makes it criminal for employees operating emergency vehicles in a manner other than prescribed by law.
SB 0319NeutralCreation of the Department of Fire SafetyJohn Albers
3/29/2018Senate Disagreed House Amend or SubPublic Safety and Homeland SecurityPublic Safety
2018/01/12 Report2018/02/23 Report2018/03/23 ReportCode EnforcementDebra Nesbit
Fire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation provides for the creation of the Department of Fire Safety and transfers the State Fire Marshall's Office, the Firefighter's Standards and Training Council and all other activities related to fire service to the newly created department.
SB 0404NeutralWater Service Fees For Fire Sprinkler Systems Matt Brass
5/3/2018Act 400Governmental AffairsNatural Resources and the Environment
2018/02/09 Report2018/02/23 Report2018/03/09 Report2018/03/16 Report2018/03/2 Report
Code EnforcementFire ServicesForfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add OnsGeneral County GovernmentHealth and Human Services
Kathleen BowenNat. Res. & the EnvironmentPublic Safety and CourtsRevenue & FinanceUtilities
This legislation states that no county, municipal, or other public water system shall charge or assess a separate fee for water service for fire sprinkler protection systems for more than the cost to provide such service.   
SB 0488EvaluatingRegulation of Fire and other Hazards; seal and Georgia registration number; registered interior designers on certain plans/specifications; provideLee Anderson
3/12/2018Senate Read and ReferredPublic Safety
Clerk of CourtCode EnforcementFire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentPublic Safety and Courts
Todd Edwards
SR 1170NeutralStudy Committee - Are Local Fees Going Toward Intended Purposes? Jack Hill
3/29/2018Senate Read and Adopted
911Alcohol/TobaccoAnimal ControlBroadbandBusiness and Occupation Tax
Code EnforcementEcon. Dev. & TransportationEMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesFireworks
Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add OnsFranchise FeesGeneral County GovernmentHealth and Human ServicesImpact Fees
Land Use/ZoningNat. Res. & the EnvironmentOpen Records/Meetings ActProbate CourtPublic Safety and Courts
Revenue & FinanceRoadsSewer/SeptageSheriffSolid Waste
State CourtSuperior CourtTax CommissionerTodd EdwardsTraffic Enforcement
Water Quality
Following much discussion over the past several years regarding the redirection of state-collected fees from their intended purposes, this Senate study committee (consisting of 5 senators) will examine whether or not local government fees are fairly and equitably imposed and whether the monies collected from them are being appropriately used and directed for the purpose(s) for which they are intended.  Examples of fees cited by this resolution include: storm water management fees, fire service fees, and traffic add-on fees.