Clerk of Court

HB 0015NegotiatingMandatory Electronic Filing for Civil Cases in Superior and State CourtsWendell Willard
3/30/2017Senate Conference Committee Appointed 46th, 30th, 19thJudiciaryJudiciary
2017/01/27-Report2017/03/06 - Report2017/03/17 - ReportCivil ProcedureClerk of Court
Debra NesbitPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation mandates all clerks of superior court accept electronically filed cases by January 1, 2018.  The cost of such filing shall not exceed $7.00.  The bill includes a hardship clause that extends that deadline for six months for counties who need additional time.  An amendment was added to the bill that prohibits the Council of the Superior Court Clerks, any state entity, or governing authority of any local government from keeping any portion of the fee.  NOTE:  This bill has been added to SB 407, the Governor's Criminal Justice Reform Bill.
HB 0076InactiveClerks of Court - Revisions to Recording Maps, Plats and Plans Rick Jasperse
5/8/2017Effective DateJudiciaryJudiciary
2017/01/27-Report2017/02/03-Report2017/02/10 - Report2017/03/06 - Report2017/03/17 - Report
Clerk of CourtGeneral County GovernmentLand Use/ZoningTodd Edwards

This is clean up legislation for HB 1004 from the 2016 legislative session.  All maps, plats, plans and condominium plans must now be submitted electronically to the clerk of superior court.  The remainder of the bill was worked out over the interim between counties, cities, surveyors, engineers, architects and the clerks, specifying the format for the submittal of plats and plans, required data for plats, which plats must be certified by land surveyors, and other certification required for plats.  Attempts to add language stating that maps not creating new roads or utilities do not need local approval prior to submittal to the clerk were unsuccessful. 

For the guidance document, click here

HB 0081SupportHospital Authorities and Contractors Intercept Income Tax Returns to Pay Medical BillsTom McCall
3/1/2018Senate Read and ReferredWays and MeansFinance
2017/01/27-Report2018/02/23 Report2018/03/2 ReportClerk of CourtDebra Nesbit
Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add OnsHealth and Human ServicesHospital AuthorityIndigent Health CareJuveniles
Magistrate CourtProbate CourtPublic Safety and CourtsRevenue & FinanceState Court
Superior Court
This legislation allows health care facilties created, formed or operated on behalf of a hospital authority to intercept tax refunds to pay outstanding medical bills. 
HB 0120WatchRevision of Notary LawAndrew Welch
1/26/2017House Second ReadersJudiciary
Clerk of CourtDebra NesbitForfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add OnsPublic Safety and CourtsSheriff
This law revises the requirements for becoming and performing as a public notary.  
HB 0137NeutralRestriction of Contingency Fees for Appointed Assistant District Attorneys in Forfeiture ActionScot Turner
3/7/2018Senate Committee Favorably Reported By SubstituteJudiciaryJudiciary
Clerk of CourtCriminal ProcedureDebra NesbitDistrict AttorneysForfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add Ons
Public Safety and CourtsRevenue & Finance
This legislation prohibits district attorneys from compensating appointed assistant district attorneys on a contingent basis by percentage of assets realized from a forfeiture.
HB 0159NeutralAdoption Code RewriteAlbert Reeves
9/1/2018Effective DateJudiciaryJudiciary
Clerk of CourtDebra NesbitForfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add OnsHealth and Human ServicesOpen Records/Meetings Act
Probate CourtPublic Safety and CourtsSex Offender
This legislation substantially revises and modernizes the adoption laws in Georgia. 
HB 0197SupportRequirements for Solicitation Regarding Conveying Real EstateSam Teasley
7/1/2017Effective DateJudiciaryJudiciary
Clerk of CourtDebra NesbitPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation requires advertisements for services to obtain copies of deeds, mortgages and liens to include a notification that the advertisement is not a bill or official government document.
HB 0281NeutralGeorgia Tenant Victim Protection Act for Victims of Domestic ViolenceScott Holcomb
2/9/2017House Second ReadersJudiciary
Clerk of CourtConstables/MarshalsDebra NesbitDistrict AttorneysGeneral County Government
Health and Human ServicesJuvenilesLaw EnforcementMagistrate CourtOpen Records/Meetings Act
Probate CourtPublic Safety and CourtsSheriffSolicitorsState Court
Superior Court
This legislation allows victims of family violence, stalking, harrassment, and sexual assault to terminate their lease with limited penalties. 
HB 0300NeutralState Health Plan and Federal Qualified Health CentersGeoff Duncan
2/14/2017House Second ReadersHealth & Human Services
Clerk of CourtDistrict AttorneysFire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentHealth and Human Services
Insurance InsuranceJuvenilesLarry RamseyLaw Enforcement
Magistrate CourtPersonnel/EmploymentProbate CourtPublic Safety and CourtsRetirement
Revenue & FinanceSheriffSolicitorsState CourtSuperior Court
Tax Commissioner
This legislation makes changes to the administration of the state employee health plan.
HB 0351NeutralElections - Allow District Attorneys, Coroners and Constitutional Officers to Run Non-Partisan Allen Peake
2/16/2017House Second ReadersGovernmental Affairs
Clerk of CourtCoroners/Medical ExaminersDistrict AttorneysGeneral County GovernmentPublic Safety and Courts
SheriffTax CommissionerTodd Edwards
This legislation would allow the General Assembly, through local legislation, to make elections for sheriffs, coroners, tax commissioners and superior court clerks nonpartisan.
HB 0368OpposeMandated Salary Supplement for Superior Court ClerksBarry Fleming
2/16/2017House Second ReadersJudiciary
2017/02/17-ReportClerk of CourtCompensationDebra NesbitGeneral County Government
MandatePublic Safety and CourtsTraining

This legislation provides an additional $200 per month supplement to be paid by the county for superior court clerks who complete voluntary training with the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and become a "certified superior court clerk".  Clerk's are mandated to complete this training to become a "certified superior court clerk" upon election under current law that has been in effect since 1998.  All training and reasonable travel expenses are currently the responsibility of the county.  Essentially this is a $200 per month salary increase for superior court clerks.

HB 0407InactiveCobb County; Probate Court; change salary of superior court clerk, deputy clerk, executive assistant and executive secretaryJohn Carson
5/2/2017Effective DateIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
Clerk of CourtGeneral County GovernmentLocal LegislationProbate CourtPublic Safety and Courts
Superior Court
HB 0410WatchCondominiums; certain fees imposed on purchasers; provide for limitsAlan Powell
5/8/2018Veto V2JudiciaryJudiciary
Clerk of CourtGeneral County GovernmentIntern 1Public Safety and Courts
This legislation amends the law on condominiums and property owner associations.
HB 0420InactiveCobb County; Probate Court; change compensation of judge and clerkStacey Evans
5/2/2017Effective DateIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
Clerk of CourtCompensationGeneral County GovernmentLocal LegislationProbate Court
Public Safety and Courts
HB 0453NeutralAdd Chief Magistrate Judge to County Law Library BoardDavid Dreyer
7/1/2017Effective DateJudiciarySpecial Judiciary
Clerk of CourtDebra NesbitDistrict AttorneysGeneral County GovernmentMagistrate Court
Probate CourtPublic Safety and CourtsSolicitorsSuperior Court
This legislation adds the chief magistrate court judge to the county law library board of trustees. 
HB 0553InactiveCobb County; State Court; change salary of chief deputy clerk and clerk; provisionsAlbert Reeves
5/3/2017Effective DateIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
Clerk of CourtCompensationLocal LegislationPublic Safety and CourtsState Court
HB 0630NeutralIncrease Surety Bond Requirement For Probate JudgesMary Oliver
1/29/2018House Withdrawn, RecommittedJudiciary
2018/01/12 ReportClerk of CourtDebra NesbitElectionsProbate Court
Public Safety and Courts

This legislation makes several changes and updates to the laws that govern probate courts.  One of those changes is to increase the required surety bond from $25,000 to $100,000. 

HB 0661NeutralEnforcement of state tax liensHugh Williamson
2/20/2018Effective DateWays and MeansFinance
Clerk of CourtLarry RamseyProperty TaxRevenue & FinanceTax Commissioner
This bill makes substantial revisions to the procedures for transmitting, filing, recording, access to, and territorial effect of tax liens issued by the Department of Revenue. As drafted, it does not affect liens/executions for county or city taxes.
HB 0744EvaluatingFull-time Students Exempt from Jury DutyRenitta Shannon
1/29/2018House Second ReadersJudiciary
Civil ProcedureClerk of CourtDebra NesbitPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation allows full-time students an exemption from Jury Duty whether they are on campus or online.
HB 0981EvaluatingCriminal procedure; record restriction for individuals convicted of certain felonies and misdemeanors under certain circumstances; provideWendell Willard
2/23/2018House Second ReadersJudiciary - Non-Civil
Clerk of CourtCriminal ProcedureDebra NesbitDistrict AttorneysPublic Safety and Courts
HB 1036NeutralFulton County; Superior Court; tax parcel identification number be included on documents recorded in real property records; requireCharles Martin
5/8/2018Effective DateIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
Clerk of CourtLocal LegislationProperty Tax
HR 0687EvaluatingHouse Study Committee on Court Surcharge Fees Related to DUI and Reckless Driving Offenses; createPenny Houston
3/30/2017House Second ReadersJudiciary Non-Civil
Clerk of CourtCriminal ProcedureDebra NesbitForfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add OnsPublic Safety and Courts
Traffic Enforcement
This legislation creates the House Study Committee on Court Surcharge Fees Related to DUI and Reckless Driving Offenses. 
SB 0095InactiveRequire State Agencies to Provide Data Needed at No Cost to Superior Court Clerks to Keep Jury Lists UpdatedJesse Stone
5/9/2017Effective DateJudiciaryJudiciary
2017/02/17-ReportClerk of CourtDebra NesbitParolePublic Safety and Courts
State CourtSuperior Court
This legislation amends the collection of data for the statewide master jury list.
SB 0099NeutralJudicial Procedure for Purging Information from NCIC and Change of Definition of Knife in Weapons Carry StatuteElena Parent
3/30/2017House Withdrawn, RecommittedJudiciary Non-CivilPublic Safety
2017/03/06 - Report2017/03/24 - ReportClerk of CourtCriminal ProcedureDebra Nesbit
District AttorneysFirearms/Carry LawsGeneral County GovernmentGeorgia Bureau of InvestigationHealth and Human Services
Open Records/Meetings ActProbate CourtPublic Safety and CourtsSolicitors
This legislation allows individual's who have been involuntarily hospitalized to have the records purged and not included in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.  This bill was amended to change the definition of Knife in the possession and carrying of a concealed weapon statute from 5 inches to 12 inches.
SB 0120WatchProperty; recording of deeds; change provisionsWilliam Ligon
2/7/2017Senate Read and ReferredJudiciary
Clerk of CourtIntern 2Public Safety and Courts
This legislation changes the requirements for recording property deeds.
SB 0127NeutralVictim's may Assert Rights When Law is not FollowedJohn Kennedy
5/8/2018Act 468Judiciary - Non-CivilJudiciary
Clerk of CourtCriminal ProcedureDebra NesbitDistrict AttorneysGeneral County Government
Government ImmunityPublic Safety and CourtsSolicitorsState CourtSuperior Court
This legislation amends the Crime Victim's Bill of Rights to allow a victim to bring to the attention of the court allegations that the law has not been followed.
SB 0132SupportJudicial Council Shall Promulgate Case Disposition Forms for Superior and State CourtBlake Tillery
1/1/2018Effective DateJudiciaryJudiciary
Civil ProcedureClerk of CourtDebra NesbitPublic Safety and CourtsState Court
Superior Court
This legislation changes how forms are promulgated for state and superior court to provide a more accurate case count for the determination of the need for additional judgeships.
SB 0142SupportAutomated Traffic Safety Devices in School ZonesJohn Kennedy
2/9/2017Senate Read and ReferredGovernment Oversight
2017/02/10 - ReportClerk of CourtDebra NesbitGeneral County GovernmentLaw Enforcement
Open Records/Meetings ActProbate CourtPublic Safety and CourtsSolicitorsState Court
Superior CourtTraffic Enforcement
This legislation allows and sets forth guidelines for the use of automatic traffic enforcement safety devices in school zones by local sheriffs and law enforcement.
SB 0160SupportBack the Badge ActTyler Harper
7/1/2017Effective DateJudiciary Non-CivilPublic Safety
2017/02/17-Report2017/03/17 - ReportClerk of CourtCorrectional Institutions/JailCriminal Procedure
Debra NesbitDistrict AttorneysEMS/AmbulanceFire ServicesHealth and Human Services
JuvenilesLaw EnforcementMagistrate CourtProbate CourtProbation
Public Safety and CourtsSheriffSolicitorsState CourtSuperior Court
Traffic Enforcement
This legislation provides exclusive jurisdiction of 13 to 17 year olds who commit an offense of aggravated assault or aggravated battery against a public safety official.  This legislation includes HB 116, HB 258, and SB 154 which gives superior court full jurisdiction for juvenile cases involving aggravated assault, increasing sentences for assaulting a police officer, and additional penalties for those convicted of assaulting a public safety officer while on duty.
SB 0192NeutralNon-Partisan Elections Rick Jeffares
2/17/2017Senate Read and ReferredEthics
Clerk of CourtCoroners/Medical ExaminersDistrict AttorneysGeneral County GovernmentPublic Safety and Courts
Revenue & FinanceSheriffTax CommissionerTodd Edwards
This legislation authorizes, via subsequent adoption of local legislation, the non-partisan election of candidates for the offices of district attorney, sheriff, coroner, tax commissioner and clerk of superior court.   
SB 0204EvaluatingRecord on Appeal; expeditious preparation and transmittal of record and transcript on appeal by court clerk; provideJohn Kennedy
2/21/2017Senate Read and ReferredJudiciary
Clerk of CourtDebra NesbitPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation amends how clerk transmits the record and transcript by the clerk of court.
SB 0241EvaluatingControlled Substances; electronic data base of prescription information; provisions; changeRenee Unterman
3/9/2017House Second ReadersJudiciary Non-CivilHealth and Human Services
Clerk of CourtGeorgia Bureau of InvestigationHealth and Human ServicesIntern 2Public Safety and Courts
This legislation amends the law regarding the electronic database of prescription medicine.
SB 0250SupportSex Offenders Convicted in Other Countries Require RegistrationJeff Mullis
7/1/2017Effective DateJudiciary Non-CivilJudiciary
2017/03/24 - ReportClerk of CourtCorrectional Institutions/JailCriminal ProcedureDebra Nesbit
Georgia Bureau of InvestigationImmigrationLaw EnforcementProgressing LegislationPublic Safety and Courts
Sex OffenderSuperior Court
This legislation changes requirements for registration of persons on convicted of a sexual offense in another county to be placed on the Georgia the sexual offender registry. 
SB 0299EvaluatingRequirement for an Attorney's Signature In order to File a DeedFrank Ginn
1/9/2018Senate Read and ReferredJudiciary
Clerk of CourtDebra NesbitPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation requires deeds to be signed by an attorney before being filed and makes it a felony offense for a notary to sign unless the attorney signature is on the document.
SB 0369NeutralRequirement for Jurisdictions to Deduct a $5.00 Fee from Pre-Trial Diversion Program Fees to Fund the Peace Officer Annuity and Benefit Fund.Gregory Kirk
5/8/2018Act 463Judiciary - Non-CivilPublic Safety
2018/02/02 Report2018/02/09 Report2018/02/16 Report2018/03/16 ReportClerk of Court
Criminal ProcedureDebra NesbitForfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add OnsMagistrate CourtPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation creates a new fee to be assessed and collected from the fees charged for pre-trial programs to fund the Peace Officer's Annuity and Benefit Fund (POAB).  The legislation requires counties to remit $5.00 of the funds they collect from pre-trial participants to fund the diversion program to the POAB.
SB 0374EvaluatingCommunity Association Transparency and Protection Act Donzella James
1/31/2018Senate Read and ReferredJudiciary
Clerk of CourtCode EnforcementGeneral County GovernmentLand Use/ZoningNat. Res. & the Environment
Open Records/Meetings ActPublic Safety and CourtsPublic WorksTodd EdwardsWater Quality
This legislation, mirroring HB 748, significantly revises state law on residential property associations (condominium, cooperative and homeowners') and the responsibilities of both developers and residents.  Among provisions, the bill stipulates turnover and transition requirements; requires developers to establish a two-year operating budget prior to turnover/transition which includes reserve accounts for capital expenditures and deferred maintenance; requires developers to post performance and maintenance bonds; and spells out civil penalties for violations of the Act.  For the proponents' summary of the bill, please click here:   
SB 0430NeutralConstitutional Office Salary Update in Statute Matt Brass
3/29/2018Senate Agreed House Amend or Sub As AmendedGovernmental AffairsState and Local Governmental Operations
2018/02/16 Report2018/02/23 Report2018/03/16 Report2018/03/2 ReportClerk of Court
CompensationDebra NesbitElectionsGeneral County GovernmentMagistrate Court
Probate CourtPublic Safety and CourtsRevenue & FinanceSheriffTax Commissioner

This legislation simply codifies the COLA's that have been awarded to constitutional officers and magistrate judges  since 2006. The mandatory pay raise was removed from the legislation.

To see what Georgia's constitutional officers currently make, by county, which includes COLA's, longevity increases and state and local supplements, please click here:  

Note that these figures do not include fees received as personal compensation in some cases (e.g. clerks' fees for processing U.S. passport applications, probates' vital records fees, and tax commissioners' fees for collecting city property taxes). 

SB 0436NeutralProbate Court Code ModernizationBrian Strickland
5/3/2018Act 405JudiciaryJudiciary
2018/02/16 Report2018/02/23 Report2018/03/09 Report2018/03/16 ReportClerk of Court
CompensationDebra NesbitElectionsForfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add OnsInsurance
InsuranceProbate CourtPublic Safety and CourtsSheriffSuperior Court
This legislation updates and modernizes the code that governs the operation of probate courts.  The bill also increases the surety bond requirement from $25,000 to $100,000.  Additionally the bill changes the current process of filling a vacancy, from appointment of the associate judge to requiring a special election.
SB 0488EvaluatingRegulation of Fire and other Hazards; seal and Georgia registration number; registered interior designers on certain plans/specifications; provideLee Anderson
3/12/2018Senate Read and ReferredPublic Safety
Clerk of CourtCode EnforcementFire ServicesGeneral County GovernmentPublic Safety and Courts
Todd Edwards