HB 0145NeutralSales and Use Taxes - Jet Fuel Sales at Qualifying AirportJohn Carson
3/30/2017House Withdrawn, RecommittedWays & Means
2017/01/27-ReportAirportsLarry RamseyRevenue & FinanceSales Tax-Local
This bill provides an exemption from sales tax of jet fuel sales at a "qualifying airport" (defined so as to only include Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport) to the extent such fuel is consumed outside of Georgia. The bill establishes that, for purposes of this exemption, all fuel for intrastate flights is consumed in Georgia, and 55% of fuel for interstate flights is consumed in Georgia. This limited exemption applies only to state sales and use taxes, and not to local sales and use taxes.
HB 0292InactiveGuns - 2017 Omnibus Bill I Rick Jasperse
5/8/2017Effective DatePublic Safety and Homeland SecurityJudiciary
2017/02/10 - Report2017/03/06 - ReportAirportsCorrectional Institutions/JailEcon. Dev. & Transportation
Firearms/Carry LawsGeneral County GovernmentGeorgia Bureau of InvestigationGovernment ImmunityLaw Enforcement
Probate CourtProbationPublic Safety and CourtsSheriffTodd Edwards

HB 292 is this year's omnibus gun bull.  Georgia will recognize carry licenses for those moving here from other states (which have reciprocity laws with Georgia) for 90 days, so long as the person abides by Georgia's laws; probate judges are authorized to provide information on gun safety; DNR must post a link on its Web site for hunting gun safety course information; folks who legally change their name can get a free replacement license (if within 90 days of their license registration); retired law enforcement officers from other states do not need a license.  Any sheriff or retired sheriff, deputy or retired deputy sheriff, member or retired member of the Georgia State Patrol, member of retired member of GBI and retired law enforcement officer can carry a gun into a courthouse, unless the Sheriff providing security for the courthouse provides a lock box and screens out all other weapons by security personnel.                


HB 0757NeutralTaxicab Regulations Alan Powell
3/27/2018Senate TabledRegulated IndustriesRegulated Industries and Utilities
AirportsBusiness and Occupation TaxEcon. Dev. & TransportationKathleen BowenPreemption
Public Safety and CourtsTransportation

This legislation clarifyies that if a city of county has a medallion system or “certificate of public necessity and convenience” in place, it is against the law for anyone to operate a taxicab without a medallion. Additonally, taxicab drivers would be required to display within full view of passengers an idientification card that included the name and photo of the operator and the name of company for whom the operator is driving.

This bill also includes the prohibition of the governing authority of any county or city airport from imposing any age limit on vehicles for hire doing business at such airport that is less than eight years measured from the vehicle's year of manufacture, for any vehicle used as a ride share, taxicab, or limousine. Lastly, the bill defines "soft taximeters" and states that that no local government shall have the authority to reject or prohibit the use of soft taximeters.

HB 0821OpposeTax Revisions - Aviation Fuel Taxes and TAVTChuck Efstration
2/8/2018House Committee Favorably Reported By SubstituteWays and Means
2018/02/02 Report2018/02/09 ReportAirportsLarry RamseyProperty Tax
Revenue & FinanceSales Tax-Local
This bill is DOR's annual income tax conformity bill. However, it also contains many provisions which affect counties. First, it revises TAVT and provides that no TAVT is collected on replacement titles for vehicles which are not less than 15 years years old. Second, it completely exempts jet fuel from SPLOST, ESPLOST, and single county TSPLOST (and presumably MOSt although it is silent on this point). Third, it partially exempts jet fuel from LOST and MARTA levies and rates in effect on December 30, 1987. Fourth, it redirects local sales and use tax revenue derived from jet fuel to state aviation programs and purposes and allows any excess to be appropriated for other purposes.  ACCG opposes the sales tax exemption for jet fuel, which is estimated to cost local governments up to $21M per year (the vast majority in Clayton County).
HR 0361EvaluatingUnited States Congress; enactment of a Regulation Freedom Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; encourageDon Parsons
3/9/2017House Passed/AdoptedEnergy, Utilities & Telecommunications
911AgricultureAir QualityAirportsAlcohol/Tobacco
Correctional Institutions/JailEcon. Dev. & TransportationElectionsEmergency Management/PreparednessEminent Domain/Condemnation
EMS/AmbulanceFarmFinancingFirearms/Carry LawsFireworks
Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add OnsFranchise FeesGeneral County GovernmentHealth and Human ServicesHospital Authority
ImmigrationLand ConservationLand Use/ZoningLaw EnforcementNat. Res. & the Environment
Personnel/EmploymentPortsPreemptionPublic Safety and CourtsRetirement
Revenue & FinanceRoadsSewer/SeptageSolid WasteStormwater
TelecommunicationsTodd EdwardsTraffic EnforcementTransitTransportation
Utilities Water QualityWater Quantity
This legislation encourages Congress to enact the Regulation Freedom Amendment to the United States Constitution. 
SB 0100NeutralUnlawful to Detain Individual With A Valid Visa From Entering GA Airport or PortVincent Fort
2/1/2017Senate Read and ReferredGovernment Oversight
AirportsEcon. Dev. & TransportationGeneral County GovernmentImmigrationKathleen Bowen
This legislation prohibits detaining any person with a valid visa to enter the United States at any Georgia airport or port.
SB 0227EvaluatingLocal Government; process of establishing a compact with one or more other states; new sovereignties; provideJoshua McKoon
2/22/2017Senate Read and ReferredState and Local Governmental Operations
AirportsAnnexation/MunicipalizationBusiness and Occupation TaxCode EnforcementCriminal Procedure
Econ. Dev. & TransportationEconomic DevelopmentEminent Domain/CondemnationFinancingFire Services
Form of GovernmentGeneral County GovernmentLand Use/ZoningLaw EnforcementNat. Res. & the Environment
Open Records/Meetings ActPortsProcurementProperty TaxPublic Safety and Courts
RetirementRevenue & FinanceSales Tax-LocalSewer/SeptageSolid Waste
Todd EdwardsTransportationUtilities Water Quality
This legislation adopts the Interstate Prosperity States Compact, which would allow the creation of new sovereignties known as "prosperity districts." 
SB 0276NeutralLumpkin County Airport Authority; createSteve Gooch
1/29/2018Act 281Intragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
AirportsEcon. Dev. & TransportationLocal Legislation
SB 0379NeutralGeorgia Major Airport Operations and Management ActBurt Jones
2/1/2018Senate Read and ReferredTransportation
AirportsEcon. Dev. & TransportationGeneral County GovernmentKathleen BowenProcurement
This legislation creates the Georgia Major Airport Operations and Management Board which will oversee any commercial airport owned by a city, county or political subdivision of the state that has in excess of 400,000 takeoffs and landings annually. The legislation in its present form only applies to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport located in Atlanta.  
SR 0227SupportAviation Fuel Tax - Urge Federal ActionBrandon Beach
3/28/2017Senate Passed/Adopted By SubstituteTransportation
AirportsEcon. Dev. & TransportationLarry RamseyLocal LegislationRevenue & Finance
Sales Tax-Local
This legislation encourages each member of the Georgia congressional delegation to intercede with the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation to prevent loss of aviation fuel tax revenue. A 2015 FAA ruling provides that taxes derived from the sale of aviation fuel must be spent for aviation purposes, even in the tax in question is a generally applicable tax. This FAA ruling will impact all counties (and cities) that have within their boundaries an airport that sells aviation fuel.
SR 0882NeutralHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Study CommitteeBurt Jones
3/27/2018Senate Passed/AdoptedTransportation
AirportsEcon. Dev. & TransportationKathleen BowenLocal LegislationTransportation
Transportation Funding
This resolution creates a study committee to study Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport's operations and possibility of transferring the airport to an authority.