Legislation Sponsored by James Epps

HB 0134InactiveSingle County T-SPLOST ReformsJames Epps
5/1/2017Effective DateWays & MeansFinance
2017/02/17-Report2017/02/24 - Report2017/03/06 - Report2017/03/17 - Report2017/03/24 - Report
Kathleen BowenRevenue & FinanceSales Tax-LocalTransportation Funding

This legislation adds flexibility, clarifications and enhancements to the existing Single County T-SPLOST law. This bill allows Single County T-SPLOST to fund state transportation projects and removes dates that are no longer relevant so now all counties, with the exception of Fulton County who has their own code section, would follow the same Single County T-SPLOST law. It also permits more than one Single County T-SPLOST to be levied at the same time as long as the amount does not exceed 1 percent and allows cities to bond their T-SPLOST projects. Lastly, the bill clarifies that after January 1, 2018, Regional T-SPLOST and a Single County T-SPLOST cannot be on the ballot at the same time.

A more detailed description of HB 134 can be found here.

HB 0451NegotiatingExceptions to County Road Restrictions James Epps
3/30/2017House Withdrawn, RecommittedGovernmental Affairs
2017/02/24 - ReportEcon. Dev. & TransportationGeneral County GovernmentKathleen BowenLaw Enforcement
PreemptionPublic Safety and CourtsRoadsTraffic Enforcement
This legislation requires counties and cities to allow vehicles weighing over 36,000 pounds or longer than 30 feet to use any county and city roads if the vehicle is making a delivery on the road, using the road as the route to make a delivery or pick up, providing service on the road, or if avoiding the road would cause the driver to go more than ten miles out of the most direct route. This legislation allows counties and cities to adopt a local ordinance that would make the driver justify the presence of their vehicle on a restricted road.  
HB 0472NeutralMotor Vehicles - Rules for Speed Coordination (Platooning)James Epps
7/1/2017Effective DatePublic Safety and Homeland SecurityTransportation
Econ. Dev. & TransportationKathleen BowenPublic Safety and CourtsTraffic Enforcement
This legislation provides that the non lead vehicle in a procession when speed is coordinated automatically is exempt from the prohibition against following too closely.
HR 0319EvaluatingEducation Sales Tax for Schools OperationsJames Epps
2/22/2017House Withdrawn, RecommittedEducation
2017/02/17-ReportLarry RamseyRevenue & FinanceSales Tax-Local
This proposed constitutional amendment would authorize a county or independent school board to levy a 1 percent ESPLOST for maintenance and operation purposes within its area of operation. This new tax is in addition to the current ESPLOST for capital projects.