Legislation Sponsored by Jason Spencer

HB 0001NeutralSpace Flight: Activities, Definitions & LiabilityJason Spencer
7/1/2017Effective DateJudiciaryScience and Technology
2017/03/17 - ReportCode EnforcementGeneral County GovernmentKathleen BowenLand Use/Zoning
This legislation was introduced for Camden County who has an interest in creating a spaceport; however, the bill applies statewide by allowing the commercial space industry to operate in Georgia. More information on the Spaceport Camden project can be found here.
HB 0004SupportConservation Use Valuation Assessments (CUVA) - Effect of Delinquent TaxesJason Spencer
1/25/2017House Second ReadersWays and Means
2017/01/27-Report2017/02/10 - ReportLarry RamseyProperty Tax
This bill amends OCGA 48-5-7.4 and provides for 2 new requirements for Conservation Use Valuation Assessment (CUVA) of property: 1) property owners cannot apply for or renew a CUVA covenant if delinquent on any taxes owed in the county where the property lies, until those taxes are paid; and 2) if an owner becomes delinquent on county taxes while a CUVA covenant is in effect, that delinquency constitutes a breach of the covenant.
HB 0504InactiveWaycross Convention and Visitors Bureau Authority Act; enactJason Spencer
5/3/2017Effective DateIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
Econ. Dev. & TransportationLocal LegislationTourism
HB 0516NeutralIncrease in "Live-Aboard" Days on Vessels from 90 to 120 DaysJason Spencer
3/3/2017House Second ReadersNatural Resources & Environment
Econ. Dev. & TransportationKathleen BowenNat. Res. & the EnvironmentTourism
This legislation amends the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act of 1970 by increasing the days one could live aboard a vessel from 90 days to 120 days during any calendar year. 
HB 0807NeutralCity of St. Marys Community Improvement Districts Act of 2018; enactJason Spencer
5/3/2018Effective DateIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
Economic DevelopmentLocal LegislationProperty Tax
HB 1023NeutralCamden County; Joint Board of Elections and Registration; createJason Spencer
1/1/2019Effective DateIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
ElectionsLocal Legislation
HB 1042EvaluatingGeorgia Daylight Savings Act; enactJason Spencer
3/15/2018House Second ReadersState Planning and Community Affairs
General County GovernmentTodd Edwards
HR 0610EvaluatingUnited States Congress; remove election and voting systems from the critical infrastructure designation; urgeJason Spencer
3/30/2017House Withdrawn, RecommittedGovernmental Affairs
ElectionsGeneral County GovernmentTodd Edwards
This legislation encourages the United States Congress to remove election and voting systems from the critical infrastructure designation. 
HR 0866NeutralState Space Commission Study CommitteeJason Spencer
1/11/2018House Second ReadersSpecial Rules
Econ. Dev. & TransportationKathleen Bowen
This legislation creates the Joint Study Committee on the Establishment of a State Space Commission.
HR 0888EvaluatingJoint Study Committee on Converting Closed Hospitals to Veterans Homes; createJason Spencer
2/13/2018House Committee Favorably ReportedDefense and Veterans Affairs
Debra NesbitHealth and Human ServicesHospital Authority
HR 1107NeutralUrging Support for Commercial Space Industry in GeorgiaJason Spencer
3/29/2018House Passed/AdoptedEconomic Development and Tourism
Econ. Dev. & TransportationEconomic DevelopmentKathleen BowenTransportation
This resolution urges the Department of Economic Development's Center for Aerospace Innovations and its Aerospace, Defense and Advance Manufacturing (ADAM) team along with the Department of Transportation and other relevant state agencies to collectively work to construct, enhance, focus, and recruit the emerging commercial space industry in Georgia.