Legislation Sponsored by Rick Jasperse

HB 0076InactiveClerks of Court - Revisions to Recording Maps, Plats and Plans Rick Jasperse
5/8/2017Effective DateJudiciaryJudiciary
2017/01/27-Report2017/02/03-Report2017/02/10 - Report2017/03/06 - Report2017/03/17 - Report
Clerk of CourtGeneral County GovernmentLand Use/ZoningTodd Edwards

This is clean up legislation for HB 1004 from the 2016 legislative session.  All maps, plats, plans and condominium plans must now be submitted electronically to the clerk of superior court.  The remainder of the bill was worked out over the interim between counties, cities, surveyors, engineers, architects and the clerks, specifying the format for the submittal of plats and plans, required data for plats, which plats must be certified by land surveyors, and other certification required for plats.  Attempts to add language stating that maps not creating new roads or utilities do not need local approval prior to submittal to the clerk were unsuccessful. 

For the guidance document, click here

HB 0292InactiveGuns - 2017 Omnibus Bill I Rick Jasperse
5/8/2017Effective DatePublic Safety and Homeland SecurityJudiciary
2017/02/10 - Report2017/03/06 - ReportAirportsCorrectional Institutions/JailEcon. Dev. & Transportation
Firearms/Carry LawsGeneral County GovernmentGeorgia Bureau of InvestigationGovernment ImmunityLaw Enforcement
Probate CourtProbationPublic Safety and CourtsSheriffTodd Edwards

HB 292 is this year's omnibus gun bull.  Georgia will recognize carry licenses for those moving here from other states (which have reciprocity laws with Georgia) for 90 days, so long as the person abides by Georgia's laws; probate judges are authorized to provide information on gun safety; DNR must post a link on its Web site for hunting gun safety course information; folks who legally change their name can get a free replacement license (if within 90 days of their license registration); retired law enforcement officers from other states do not need a license.  Any sheriff or retired sheriff, deputy or retired deputy sheriff, member or retired member of the Georgia State Patrol, member of retired member of GBI and retired law enforcement officer can carry a gun into a courthouse, unless the Sheriff providing security for the courthouse provides a lock box and screens out all other weapons by security personnel.                


HB 0769SupportRecommendations on Healthcare from House Rural Development CouncilRick Jasperse
7/1/2018Effective DateHealth and Human ServicesHealth and Human Services
2018/02/02 Report2018/02/16 Report2018/03/16 Report2018/03/23 ReportDebra Nesbit
Health and Human Services
This legislation requires that all plans administered by the State of Georgia to streamline and expedite the credentialing and billing processes for providers and establishes the Rural Center for Health Care Innovation and Sustainability within the State Office of Rural Health.  The bill also provides for the creation of micro-hospitals which have two to seven beds in a rural community which provide services seven days a week and 24 hours per day to stabilize patients.  Finally the legislation provides for a grant program to offset the costs of insurance for physicians who maintain a practice in medically underserved areas of the state.
HB 0948OpposeNo Local Restriction on any Sale of Goods Regulated by Federal or State Agencies Rick Jasperse
2/21/2018House Committee Favorably ReportedAgriculture and Consumer Affairs
2018/02/23 ReportCode EnforcementGeneral County GovernmentHealth and Human ServicesLaw Enforcement
Nat. Res. & the EnvironmentPreemptionPublic Safety and CourtsTodd Edwards

This state preemption, mirrored in SB 418, prohibits local governments from prohibiting or otherwise restricting the retail sale of any goods, products or items regulated by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the GA Dept. of Agriculture, so long as any said sales are in compliance with local zoning.  This effort to prohibit local ordinances impacting a certain national pet store chain has expanded greatly.   ACCG asks that you pay very close attention to this bill and provide Todd Edwards (tedwards@accg.org) feedback on how it may impact any county ordinances regulating the retail sale of animals (pets or livestock), tobacco, alcohol, plants, etc.  

For a list of all goods, products and items regulated by these agencies (thus preempted by local government regulation) please click here.   

ACCG opposes taking away a community's ability to regulate the broad swath of goods, products and items covered by the above three agencies.    


HB 1039NeutralBig Canoe Water and Sewer Authority Act; enactRick Jasperse
5/8/2018Veto V16Intragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
Local LegislationSewer/SeptageWater QualityWater Quantity
HB 1059NeutralMurray County; abolish office of elected county surveyor; provide appointment of county surveyorRick Jasperse
5/8/2018Effective DateIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
County SurveyorElectionsLocal Legislation
HR 1414EvaluatingHouse Study Committee on School Security; createRick Jasperse
3/19/2018House Passed/AdoptedSpecial Rules
Debra NesbitLaw EnforcementPublic Safety and Courts