Legislation Sponsored by Rick Jeffares

SB 0085InactiveBreweries and Distilleries to Sell Directly to Public Rick Jeffares
5/8/2017Act 178Regulated IndustriesRegulated Industries and Utilities
2017/01/27-Report2017/02/10 - Report2017/02/17-Report2017/03/06 - Report2017/03/17 - Report
Alcohol/TobaccoGeneral County GovernmentRevenue & FinanceTodd Edwards

This legislation authorizes brew pubs and breweries to sell up to 3,000 barrels of their malt beverage annually directly to the public either through consumption on the premises or allowing a patron to purchase and carry off up to 288 ounces (a case) of the beverage a day. The current requirement that tours be offered prior to malt beverage purchase is eliminated. The bill also authorizes a licensed distiller to sell up to 500 barrels of distilled spirits annually directly to the public for consumption on the premises or up to 2,250 milliliters, per person, per day, to be consumed off premises.  The brewer or distiller will remit all state and local sales, use, and excise taxes to the proper tax collecting authority and sales are conditioned on and governed by local alcohol law. The Georgia Department of Revenue is to promulgate rules governing these processes.          

SB 0190NeutralJuvenile Court of Newton County; intake services; transfer to Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice pursuant to code section 15-11-69 of the OCGARick Jeffares
3/29/2018Senate Agreed House Amend or Sub As AmendedIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
Health and Human ServicesJuvenilesLocal LegislationPublic Safety and Courts
SB 0191NeutralDesignating the Shoal Bass as the State Riverine Sport FishRick Jeffares
3/27/2018House PostponedEnergy, Utilities & TelecommunicationsNatural Resources and the Environment
2017/03/06 - ReportEminent Domain/CondemnationKathleen BowenLand Use/ZoningNat. Res. & the Environment
Water Quality
This legislation designates the shoal bass as the official Georgia state native riverine sport fish.
SB 0192NeutralNon-Partisan Elections Rick Jeffares
2/17/2017Senate Read and ReferredEthics
Clerk of CourtCoroners/Medical ExaminersDistrict AttorneysGeneral County GovernmentPublic Safety and Courts
Revenue & FinanceSheriffTax CommissionerTodd Edwards
This legislation authorizes, via subsequent adoption of local legislation, the non-partisan election of candidates for the offices of district attorney, sheriff, coroner, tax commissioner and clerk of superior court.   
SB 0244WatchTelephone System for the Physically Impaired; establishment, administration and operation of state-wide dual party relay service; provisions; changeRick Jeffares
1/8/2018Senate RecommittedRegulated Industries and Utilities
911Debra NesbitGeneral County GovernmentPublic Safety and CourtsTelecommunications
This legislation addresses the administration and operation of a statewide dual party relay system.
SB 0262NeutralStockbridge, City of; corporate boundaries of the city; reviseRick Jeffares
5/8/2018Act 559Intragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
Annexation/MunicipalizationGeneral County GovernmentLocal Legislation
SB 0263NeutralCity of Eagles Landing; incorporate; charter; provideRick Jeffares
5/8/2018Act 548Intragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
Form of GovernmentGeneral County GovernmentLocal Legislation
SB 0264NeutralBoard of Commissioners for Rockdale County; membership; reconstituteRick Jeffares
3/14/2018House Second ReadersIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
Form of GovernmentGeneral County GovernmentLocal Legislation