Legislation Sponsored by Wendell Willard

HB 0015NegotiatingMandatory Electronic Filing for Civil Cases in Superior and State CourtsWendell Willard
3/30/2017Senate Conference Committee Appointed 46th, 30th, 19thJudiciaryJudiciary
2017/01/27-Report2017/03/06 - Report2017/03/17 - ReportCivil ProcedureClerk of Court
Debra NesbitPublic Safety and Courts
This legislation mandates all clerks of superior court accept electronically filed cases by January 1, 2018.  The cost of such filing shall not exceed $7.00.  The bill includes a hardship clause that extends that deadline for six months for counties who need additional time.  An amendment was added to the bill that prohibits the Council of the Superior Court Clerks, any state entity, or governing authority of any local government from keeping any portion of the fee.  NOTE:  This bill has been added to SB 407, the Governor's Criminal Justice Reform Bill.
HB 0075EvaluatingSocial services; certain records from disclosure; excludeWendell Willard
7/1/2017Effective DateJudiciaryJudiciary
General County GovernmentHealth and Human ServicesJuvenilesLaw EnforcementOpen Records/Meetings Act
Public Safety and CourtsTodd Edwards
This legislation creates an exception from the open records law for information held by the Department of Human Services or a governmental child protective agency provided by law enforcement or the prosecutor in any pending investigation or prosecution involving child abuse, neglect or dependency.
HB 0126NeutralRestructure of Judicial Qualifications CommissionWendell Willard
7/1/2017Effective DateJudiciaryJudiciary
Debra NesbitMagistrate CourtProbate CourtPublic Safety and CourtsState Court
Superior Court
This legislation changes the provisions governing the Judicial Qualifications Commission.
HB 0253SupportDog and Cat License PlatesWendell Willard
3/27/2018Senate TabledMotor VehiclesPublic Safety
2017/03/24 - ReportAgricultureAnimal ControlGeneral County GovernmentHealth and Human Services
Nat. Res. & the EnvironmentPublic Safety and CourtsRevenue & FinanceTags/TitlesTodd Edwards
This legislation amends the special license plates to help fund dog and cat reproductive sterilization support.
HB 0299EvaluatingState health planning and development; revise definitions; certificate of need requirements; provisionsWendell Willard
2/14/2017House Second ReadersGovernmental Affairs
Debra NesbitHealth and Human ServicesHospital Authority
This legislation changes the certificate of need requirements for certain facilities and purchases.
HB 0361InactiveFulton County; Board of Education; contributions made into the pension and retirement plan by employees shall be considered employer contributions for tax purposes; provideWendell Willard
5/9/2017Effective DateIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
General County GovernmentLocal LegislationRetirementRevenue & Finance
HB 0399NegotiatingEthics - No Longer Filing Campaign Disclosure Reports at Local Level Wendell Willard
2/21/2017House Second ReadersJudiciary
2017/02/24 - ReportElectionsEthicsGeneral County GovernmentTodd Edwards
This legislation amends the Ethics in Government Act in many areas, particularly to charges, hearings and evidence before the ethics commission, and penalties for violations.  Of possible concern to county commissioners is that campaign contribution disclosure reports can only be filed on paper (for a $40 fee) or directly on the ethics commission's Web site.  Candidates may no longer file with their local election superintendent.  ACCG would like to have all the aforementioned methods available to candidates.        
HB 0417EvaluatingMotor vehicles; abandoned vehicles or trailers; provisionsWendell Willard
3/30/2017House Withdrawn, RecommittedMotor Vehicles
Debra NesbitEcon. Dev. & TransportationLaw EnforcementPublic Safety and CourtsRevenue & Finance
Tags/TitlesTraffic Enforcement
This legislation amends the law dealing with removing abandoned vehicles.
HB 0434SupportEminent Domain - Condemnation of Blighted PropertyWendell Willard
7/1/2017Effective DateJudiciaryJudiciary
2017/02/24 - Report2017/03/06 - Report2017/03/24 - ReportEcon. Dev. & TransportationEconomic Development
Eminent Domain/CondemnationFinancingGeneral County GovernmentLarry Ramsey
This bill establishes a process whereunder a local government can seek initial court determination of whether a property is blighted, and remedy of blight is deemed to be a "public use." If property is determined to be blighted, it can be the subject of condemnation proceedings. Additionally, such blighted property would not be subject to the normal limitations that a government must 1) hold condemned property for at least 20 years and 2) offer the property back to the prior owner if not put to public use within five years.
HB 0464EvaluatingHealth; destination cancer hospitals; provisionsWendell Willard
2/24/2017House Second ReadersGovernmental Affairs
Debra NesbitHealth and Human Services
This legislation changes the requirements for destination cancer hospitals.
HB 0538NeutralFulton County; Board of Education; pension and retirement pay to teachers and employees; create systemWendell Willard
7/1/2018Effective DateRetirementRetirement
General County GovernmentLocal LegislationRetirement
HB 0603NeutralFulton County; State Court; modify compensation of judgesWendell Willard
1/1/2018Effective DateIntragovernmental CoordinationState and Local Governmental Operations
CompensationGeneral County GovernmentLocal LegislationPublic Safety and CourtsState Court
HB 0674NegotiatingSovereign Immunity Waiver for Injunctions and Declaratory JudgmentsWendell Willard
1/18/2018House Second ReadersJudiciary
2018/01/12 ReportGeneral County GovernmentGovernment ImmunityLarry RamseyPublic Safety and Courts
This bill would waive the sovereign immunity of the state and local goverments as to particular types of lawsuits: requests for injunctions and declaratory judgment claims. Sovereign immunity would not be waived for claims for monetary damages and attorneys fees. If passed, governments could be sued for violations of the constitution, state law, or local ordinance, with a judge having the power to enter an injunction ordering the government to stop such violations. The substance of this bill has been added to HB 791.
HB 0802EvaluatingElimination of the Death Penalty or Life without Parole for Defendants less than 18 Years of Age.Wendell Willard
2/5/2018House Second ReadersJudiciary - Non-Civil
Criminal ProcedureDebra NesbitHealth and Human ServicesJuvenilesParole
Public Safety and Courts
This legislation eliminates the death penalty or life without parole for those defendants who committeed the crime prior to the age of 18 years old.  The bill also allows for consideration of parole for those sentenced previously who where under the age of 18 when the crime was committed.
HB 0803NeutralCreates and Expands Criminal Sanctions for Trafficking or Abusing an Elder PersonWendell Willard
7/1/2018Effective DateJudiciary - Non-CivilHealth and Human Services
2018/02/09 ReportCriminal ProcedureDebra NesbitHealth and Human ServicesImmigration
Public Safety and Courts
This legislation creates an offense of trafficking a disabled adult and sets forth criminal penalities as well as expands criminal penalities for elder abuse.
HB 0981EvaluatingCriminal procedure; record restriction for individuals convicted of certain felonies and misdemeanors under certain circumstances; provideWendell Willard
2/23/2018House Second ReadersJudiciary - Non-Civil
Clerk of CourtCriminal ProcedureDebra NesbitDistrict AttorneysPublic Safety and Courts
HB 0998EvaluatingJudicial Council; Office of Business Cases; establishWendell Willard
2/23/2018House Committee Favorably ReportedJudiciary
Debra NesbitPublic Safety and CourtsState CourtSuperior Court