HB 0692MonitorDeferred compensation plans; governing authority of a municipality may pay costs or fees associated with an employee's participation in a plan; provideHoward Maxwell
3/9/2018Senate Read Second TimeRetirementRetirement
HB 0701PassedState employment; drug testing; allow testing for all forms of opioidsKevin Tanner
7/1/2018Effective DateHealth and Human ServicesHealth and Human Services
SIGNED by the Governor May 3, 2018
HB 0739PassedTracy Rainey Act; enactAl Williams
7/1/2018Effective DateEducationEducation and Youth
SIGNED by the Governor May 7, 2018 - Provide Expidited Certification to Spouses of Military
HB 0918PassedRevenue and taxation; Internal Revenue Code; provisionsChuck Efstration
3/2/2018Effective DateWays and MeansFinance
Finance - TaxationPersonnel
SIGNED by the Governor May 2, 2018
HB 1006MonitorSexual offenses; crime of sexual assault by persons with supervisory or disciplinary authority; provisionsEd Setzler
2/26/2018House Second ReadersJudiciary - Non-Civil
Now amended to SB 154 March 23
SB 0154MonitorBill now is HB 1006 Sexual Contact between school emply & studentGregory Kirk
3/27/2018House Passed/Adopted By SubstituteJudiciary Non-CivilPublic Safety
Not Voted on in Senate
SB 0315PassedComputer Crimes; create a new crime of unauthorized computer access; penalties; provideBruce Thompson
5/8/2018Veto V18Public Safety and Homeland SecurityPublic Safety
PersonnelStudent Matters
VETOED by the Governor May 8, 2018
SB 0335MonitorTrafficking of Persons for Labor; offense of trafficking an individual for sexual servitude; expandRenee Unterman
3/27/2018House PostponedJudiciary - Non-CivilJudiciary
Cointains the Language of HB 1006
SB 0337MonitorAdmissions and Confessions; effective date for the procedure; testimony of a child's description of sexual contact; provideRenee Unterman
3/1/2018House Second ReadersJudiciaryJudiciary
PersonnelStudent Matters