HR 0042 - General Assembly; local school superintendents be elected by voters; provide - CA
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Sponsor: Mitchell Scoggins
House Committee: Education
Senate Committee:
Last Action: 1/26/2023 - House Second Readers

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SUMMARY: LC 47 1890

This is a proposed Constitutional amendment to allow local legislation calling for a referendum to elect the local superintendent and for the qualifications of those superintendents. 

If passed by 2/3 vote in each chamber, the question on the November 2024 ballot would be: Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide that the qualifications, duties, and salary of the school superintendent shall be established by the board of education as provided by general law and to authorize the General Assembly to provide that local school superintendents shall be elected by the voters as an alternative to being appointed by local boards of education, if approved by a local referendum? 

Only Florida and Alabama still have elected superintendents.  They use a system similar to this proposal. In Alabama superintendents are elected in 36 counties (out of 67 counties); none are elected in the city school districts.  In Florida, 38 out of the 67 local superintendents are elected.  In 2018, three districts voted to change from elected to appointed.