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Danny (Danny) Nadeau (R-34a)
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Not so long ago, government and politics were a much smaller part of our lives. Government was transparent, more responsive, and much easier to access and understand. It worked for people, promoted self-sufficiency and protected freedoms. It built things we couldn't build by ourselves, and respected people's values equally, whether they lived in the city, suburbs or rural areas. In return, people believed in politics and our political system. Today, political ideologies prevail and too many bad ideas become laws. Benevolent bureaucrats want more activity under government control and demand more taxes and larger fees to fuel the colossal progression. We need to rebuild the trust that exists when government is focused on doing the right things that promote self-sufficiency, allow more opportunities and is committed to supporting people unable to care for or protect themselves. When we do this, we all believe in our system. I can't wait to hear your story and here's a little about mine For the past nine years, I've had the honor to work as the Assistant to Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson. Prior to joining Jeff, I held several other public service positions including as program manager in the State Energy Office at the Minnesota Department of Commerce, as a researcher in the Minnesota House of Representatives and an administrator in the last remaining township in Hennepin County. For almost 20 years before that, I owned and operated a small construction company that I started in high school. I grew up in Medina with an older sister and two younger brothers. My parents still live in the house I grew up in. My dad was a proud lineman who worked for NSP (Xcel Energy) and my mom stayed home with us. We had a small hobby farm with a massive garden, two cows, ducks, rabbits, a horse for a while, and far too many chickens! My formative years were shaped by my parent's dedication to their faith, family and the commitment to give their children a better start at being adults. My dad taught me that nothing of value comes without hard work and the discipline to stay the course, regardless of the struggle. I learned that speaking the truth, keeping your word meant everything, and that integrity was a lifelong endeavor. He also somehow knew, and taught me that everyone had a story. He instinctively wanted to hear every one and was overjoyed to reciprocate! From my mom, I learned about true unconditional love. I learned about self-sacrifice, and self-sufficiency. I leaned that strong relationships are built on trust, empathy and respect and that serving others was not just important, but part of who we are. Growing up in western Hennepin County, I had the best of both worlds. I was surrounded by strong, self-sufficient people who farmed, worked construction, hunted, did business on a handshake and built communities together. And at the same time, I was enamored by the contrast of where I grew up with the culture, diversity and bustling nature of the urban area a few miles away. To this day, I remain rooted in the rural portion of Hennepin County where I live, while commuting to work in downtown Minneapolis. I attended Orono Schools and as a junior, started a small landscaping business. I knew that I wanted to attend college and at the time, it seemed like the best way to pay for it. There was little discussion around my plans after high school, nor were there any college tours. But I blindly applied for admission and decided that studying marine biology in Palm Beach Florida was the place for me. It seemed like such a good idea at the time! After one semester, I came back home and enrolled at the University of Minnesota. Over the next 5 years, I amassed numerous credits, changed majors, met a girl I would ultimately marry and continued to run my small business. I learned early that working hard made things possible both at the University and in my business. My small landscaping operation expanded to include urban and rural forestry. We planted seedlings in Alabama, harvested small pine in central Minnesota and produced tens of thousands of round fence posts. I fought wildland fires for the DNR, provided vegetation management for utility companies and landscaped for whoever would hire us. And we were just getting started. My small company continued to grow and evolve. I built strong relationships with utilities, the forest industry and started discovering ways to enter the municipal construction field. I found that if I combined a bunch of unrelated work in highway contracts, I was able to provide value to large highway/heavy contractors. Making friends and working hard with these experienced contractors provided the necessary experience to take a big step and bigger risk, to becoming a general contractor on my own. We had our first child (Forrest) in 1989, followed by another (Sally) two years later. We bought a log cabin in the woods in Hassan Township (now Rogers), and the children attended Buffalo Public School, played hockey, tennis, lacrosse, golf and ran track. My cabin is on a bit of an island in the middle of a really big wetland complex. Surrounding yourself with nature, living in it alone ensures that no one can feed your ego. The silence demands introspection and provides a quiet place to recharge. After a few years and due mostly to my background in park construction, I was appointed to the Hassan Park Board. This was a great introduction to the complexity of government and the hoops that anyone who needs to interact with government must jump through and the time it takes!

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First Elected: 2022    Next Election: 2024
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