Heidi (Heidi) Campbell (D-20)

State Senator Heidi Campbell

Heidi (Heidi) Campbell (D-20)
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Capitol: 615.741.6679
FAX: 615.253.0313
District: 615.438.6338
Suite 770 Cordell Hull Building 425 Rep. John Lewis Way North
Nashville, TN 37243
425 Rep. John Lewis Way North
Nashville, TN 37243
Residence:Nashville, TN

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In 2020, Heidi ran for Senate District 20, and became the first person to flip a senate seat in over 2 decades. Her tenure in the Tennessee Senate has been marked by a profound commitment to understanding and addressing the complex relationship between Nashville and state government. As a leader and a mother, she possesses a keen ability to navigate and resolve conflict, advocating tirelessly for the needs and aspirations of her constituents. Running for reelection, Heidi is determined to continue her work, building on the progress achieved and the positive momentum generated during her time in office. Her campaign is a testament to her dedication to nurturing and protecting Tennesseans, ensuring it's a wonderful place to live. A decade ago, Heidi Campbell, alongside her husband Andrew, was fully immersed in the joys of family life, cheering on their children at soccer games and swim meets, and cherishing their life in the Oak Hill community. During this period, a significant challenge arose when a developer aimed to transform a cherished community green space into a commercial strip mall, sparking widespread concern among residents who felt their concerns were falling on deaf ears. Undeterred, Heidi took to the streets, engaging her neighbors in a grassroots campaign aimed at preserving the green space. Her efforts were met with success, galvanizing her commitment to public service. This victory inspired Heidi to pursue elected office, leading to her role as Vice Mayor and then Mayor of Oak Hill. In her mayoral tenure, she tackled a significant budget shortfall left by her predecessors, demonstrating her commitment to fiscal responsibility by forgoing her own salary. Throughout her two terms as mayor, Heidi's priority was solving community issues. However, she frequently encountered obstacles posed by the Tennessee General Assembly, which often seemed more inclined towards division than finding solutions. This experience further fueled her resolve to seek change and improvement for her community and beyond.

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First Elected: 2020    Next Election: 2024
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