Bill (Bill) Hagerty (R)

US Senator Bill Hagerty

Bill (Bill) Hagerty (R)
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Capitol: 202.224.4944
FAX: 202.228.3398
District: 423.325.6240
Room 248 RSOB- Russell Senate Office Building 2 Constitution Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20510-4209
2525 Highway 75
Blountville, TN 37617
Residence:Nashville, TN

Committee Assignments

Co-ChairSenate Rural Health Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Caucus for Women's Issues (Senate)
FC MemberAnti-Value Added Tax Caucus (Anti-VAT Caucus)
RM MemberSenate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Data Security
Co-ChairSenate Financial Innovation Caucus
FC MemberSenate ALS Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Caucus on the Mississippi River
FC MemberCongressional Prayer Caucus
FC MemberJoint Whistleblower Protection Caucus
FC MemberBicameral Congressional Caucus on Parkinson's Disease
FC MemberCongressional Boating Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Coalition on Adoption
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Tourism, Trade, and Export Promotion
FC MemberCongressional Sportsmen's Caucus
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Competition Policy, Antitrust, and Consumer Rights
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Cybersecurity
FC MemberAir Force Caucus (Senate)
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Intellectual Property
Co-ChairRock and Roll Caucus
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Oceans, Fisheries, Climate Change, and Manufacturing
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Readiness and Management Support
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and the Law
FC MemberCongressional Spina Bifida Caucus
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Communications, Media, and Broadband
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, and Border Security
MemberSenate Committee on Veterans' Affairs
MemberSenate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
MemberSenate Committee on the Judiciary
MemberSenate Committee on Armed Services
FC MemberVision Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Dietary Supplement Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Recycling Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Internet Caucus
FC MemberArthritis Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Ports Opportunity, Renewal, Trade, and Security [P.O.R.T.S.] Caucus
FC MemberPaper and Packaging Caucus
FC MemberInternational Conservation Caucus (ICC)
FC MemberCongressional Fire Services Caucus


United States Senator Bill Hagerty was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2020 and is currently serving his first term representing the state of Tennessee. His committee assignments include- U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs; U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations; U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations; and the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules & Administration. Prior to his election to the U.S. Senate, Hagerty served as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, the world's third largest economy and America's closest ally in the region. Hagerty is a life-long businessman. He started his business career with the Boston Consulting Group, where his work took him to five continents, including three years based in Tokyo, Japan. He later became a venture capital and private equity investor where he invested in and served as an executive and board member of a wide range of companies, including ones listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. From 2011 to 2014, Hagerty took leave from his business career to serve as a member of the Governor's Cabinet and Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. During his tenure as commissioner, Hagerty reorganized the department, eliminating over 40 percent of the positions and saving millions of taxpayer dollars. At the same time, the new approach helped spur the strongest economic transformation seen - taking Tennessee from an unemployment rate higher than the national average when he arrived to become the number one state in the nation for jobs created through foreign investment and being named State of the Year for Economic Development an unprecedented two years in a row during his tenure. Hagerty, an Eagle Scout, is originally from Sumner County, Tennessee. Today, he and his wife Chrissy are both active volunteers in several community and civic organizations, and live in Davidson County, Tennessee. They are the parents of four children.

Election / Personal Info

First Elected: 2020    Next Election: 2026
Spouse: Chrissy   DOB: 8/14/1959