Theresa (Theresa) Hatathlie (D-06)

State Senator Theresa Hatathlie

Theresa (Theresa) Hatathlie (D-06)
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Capitol: 602.926.5160
FAX: 602.926.3429
District: 928.985.0606
Arizona State Senate
Room 311 Capitol Complex - Senate 1700 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2890
1700 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2890
Residence:Coalmine, AZ

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Meet TheresaSenator of District 7. In January 2022, Theresa Hatathlie arrived at the capitol to be sworn in as an Arizona State Senator and quickly became a vital member of the senate's Education, Government, and Commerce committees. This appointment was a direct result of her predecessor resigning from her position to pursue other opportunities. Not new to advocating at the state level, sitting on the other side of the desk was a new experience. It involved many hours of meticulous research to influence votes on pivotal legislation on behalf of Legislative District 7, which includes eight indigenous nations and eight counties. She countered election bills that threatened rural constituents' access to voting and halted the worst bills, which included a small group of legislators' attempt to end early voting, limit access to education, and deny a woman's right to make decisions of when to start a family. This unforeseen blessing was an opportunity resulting from a lifetime of advocacy to rectify challenges, identifying and implementing action plans to make positive workable changes amongst her community and nation at large. Hatathlie's practical experience began by crafting opportunistic programs for positive youth development; ensuring higher education access by introducing resources and tools for success; educating parents to lead the home with positive reinforcement using cultural and western concepts; and managing youth programs for more than 20 years. She has served on the Board of Regents for Diné College for more than ten years and as Chair of the Dine College Foundation the past few years. These pivotal roles helped reinvigorate the institution with a revamped strategic approach that integrates western and Navajo pedagogic standards. Senator Hatathlie is Bįįh Bitoodnii clan (Deer Springs), Áshįįhí (Salt) is her father's clan, Tábąąhí (Edgewater) her maternal grandfather's clan and Tsé Deeshgizhnii (Rock Gap) is her paternal grandfather's clan. She is from Tsékǫ' Hasání (Coalmine Mesa, Arizona). She was born to Jack and Bessie Hatathlie amongst 10 siblings, raised with no running water or electricity with their closest neighbors being three miles away. Her parents instilled the beauty, calm and holistic path of life, prioritizing the Diné language. So, she is skilled and knowledgeable in the wealth of cultural teachings. Her parent's taught that one should never believe one is without a job that provides compensation, so she industriously created opportunities as a cultural consultant, weaving Navajo textile rugs, beading beautiful handmade jewelry, and sewing fashionable creations while targeting a market that provided more than a livable wage for her family. Theresa earned a degree from Northern Arizona University in Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a Certificate in Human Resources. She developed a vast understanding of government and leadership, starting from home to community, tribal, state and federal levels. It allows her to tailor her communication to any audience and listen to understand, which is foundational in making a difference and are traits few attain. The teachings of her parents, the integration of culture and education have prepared her well to be an ardent advocate for Legislative District 7. Theresa states, "I look forward to continuing these efforts as the state senator for the new District 6 and am humbled to be running for re-election unopposed. In the past four months I have continued the legacy of my predecessors, Jamescita Peshlakai, Albert Hale, and Jack Jackson Jr., by showing the ability to represent the district in both a bi-partisan and steadfast manner. I look forward to more achievements that benefit northern Arizona and the entire state in the next legislative session. "Thank you for your vote of confidence in considering my nomination to continue the vital work of representing Legislative District 6 in the Arizona State Senate. I believe that I have the knowledge, skills, and experience to make meaningful contributions to this senate's work on behalf of the district. My advocacy experience is rooted in youth work under the Workforce Investment Act, grew with employees as a Human Resource Director for the Tuba City Unified School District, assisted Navajo and Hopi families with Yee Ha'olnii Doo, a non-profit organization that served more than 300,000 people ravaged by the pandemic, and blossomed when the Navajo Nation President appointed me to represent the Western Agency of the Navajo Reservation on the Board of Regents for Diné College in 2012. "Without a doubt, the future demands strategic policy that integrates renewable resources while maintaining a balanced portfolio focusing on smart principles for operational performance, fiscal accountability, customer value, and environmental sustainability. As the newly elected senator for the district, I will make a team commitment to surmount these objectives in ways that sustain the vitality of the people and communities of Legislative District 6.

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First Elected: 2022    Next Election: 2024
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