Michael (Michael) Novakhov (R-045)

State Assembly Member Michael Novakhov

Michael (Michael) Novakhov (R-045)
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Capitol: 518.455.5403
FAX: 518.455.5459
District: 718.743.4078
State Assembly Member
Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12248
1800 Sheepshead Bay Road
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Residence:Brooklyn, NY

Committee Assignments

Committee Assignments


Michael was born under Communist rule within the former USSR. His father was fortunate enough to escape along with Michael and the rest of his family to America. The United States became not only a new home for him, but also a stronghold of freedom and civil security. However, the status of a citizen, as we all know, does not negate the difficult path of an immigrant to achieve the American dream. Since 2003, Michael has worked within the radio business, in New York. In 2019, nearly 20 years after he began his career, his dream came true when Michael cofounded and opened Freedom FM. In the three years of broadcasting from Freedom Tower, Freedom FM (freedom squared), headed by Michael, has become the most listened to, loved, and influential Russian-language radio station across, both, New York and America. Michael lives in Brooklyn and has a deep connection to his community. He is wholeheartedly, devoted to our city and district. Recently it has become impossible for Michael to to turn a blind eye towards the politics of our state. New York is plagued by rising crime - especially targeted attacks on our AAPI and Jewish communities, a drastic spice in housing costs, a decline in quality of life, and a lack of affordable healthcare, to name a few. Standing on his strong civic position, desire for change, and the support of his base of radio listeners and associates, Michael stepped up to run for the New York State Assembly to not just inspire reform but to make real, productive change for the community he has proudly called home for more than 20 years.

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First Elected: 2022    Next Election: 2024
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