Roger (Roger) Roth (R-19)

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Roger (Roger) Roth (R-19)
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Capitol: 800.579.8717
FAX: 608.282.3559
District: 920.358.0120
Room 313 South State Capitol 2 East Main Street
Madison, WI 53702
1033 West College Avenue
Appleton, WI 54914
Residence:Appleton, WI

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Born and raised in the Fox Valley, Roger has learned the values of hard work and personal sacrifice. Roger became active in his family's Appleton-based construction business as a teenager and would later manage all aspects of its operations. Following graduation from UW-Oshkosh, Roger joined the Wisconsin Air National Guard, with multiple deployments to the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He continues to serve as an officer in the Wisconsin Air National Guard, holding the rank of Captain. As a state senator, Roger has worked to make the Fox Valley and all of Wisconsin a better place to pursue opportunities, foster economic growth, and help families thrive. He's running for Lieutenant Governor to continue producing results for Wisconsin families. Working on his family's small business, Roger knows that crushing inflation, runaway government spending, and ever-increasing taxes cost families and business owners each and every day. Roger successfully fought off billions in tax increases from the Evers administration, including taxes on federal rescue grants. He voted against the state providing cover to runaway federal spending - spending that has driven the skyrocketing inflation here in Wisconsin and has added trillions to our national debt. Roger has continued the fight for a strong economy with his proposal to eliminate the state income tax, a move that will save Wisconsin families thousands, help retirees remain in Wisconsin, and allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to reinvest those savings in their workers and our state's economy. With families across Wisconsin feeling the stress of rising prices at the pump and grocery store, no other candidate has a record of delivering significant tax reform and fighting against big government's inflationary policies. As the proud father of five boys, Roger knows that children best succeed when their parents are involved. As a strong advocate of choice, Roger is willing to take on the task of finally ensuring that every family in Wisconsin has a choice. But Roger isn't just talking the talk. He has taken on special interests and unions despite their attacks on him and his family. Roger is the author of legislation to establish a Parental Bill of Rights, ensure Curriculum Transparency, and provide Universal School Choice to every family - successfully passing these bills in the legislature for the first time in the history of Wisconsin. Despite some candidates speaking in platitudes, Roger is willing to do the hard work and give every student a fair shake. Roger trusts parents whether a family chooses to send their child to public school, charter school, private school, or homeschool. Wisconsin voters should follow the same rules whether they vote in Ashland or Appleton. Roger is the only candidate to lead the charge to ensure election integrity, authoring legislation, and constitutional amendments to ensure security and consistency in our state elections. From reforming absentee ballot procedures to fighting "Zuckerbucks" buying votes in Wisconsin cities, no other candidate has done more to secure our vote than Roger Roth. Roger authored the constitutional amendment guaranteeing that citizens, and ONLY Citizens, can vote in Wisconsin elections, protecting our state against the radical leftist trends of states like New York and California. Democrats in Wisconsin have made clear over the past four years that they do not want to hold criminals accountable. Tony Evers has stoked racially divisive rhetoric that supported armed felons over police response, refused to deploy the national guard, allowed our cities to burn in the wake of violent protests, and hired bureaucrats who sought to let murderers out of prison. Our state needs a fighter who will not only stand with the rule of law but also listen to victims rather than pandering to the radical left. Roger trusts our local officers to protect their communities. He has authored legislation to help recruit, retain, and train law enforcement to put more officers on the streets and in our communities. He has stood with the families of murder victims, pushing out radical bureaucrats who let out cop killers and murderers. Roger will continue to fight for legislation preventing liberals from defunding the police and constitutionally guaranteeing that law enforcement funding goes directly to law enforcement, not socialist pet projects. As the proud father of five, Roger and his family don't just say they are pro-life, they live it every day. Roger Roth firmly believes that all babies deserve a chance at life. Despite radical moves from liberals to push partial-birth abortion, abortion on demand, or murdering a child based on their sex, Roger has stood to thwart the left's ruthless ambition to end the life of thousands of future Wisconsinites. As part of his commitment to life, Roger authored the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act to guarantee that abortion survivors have a shot at life and those who would murder them face the full force of law. Throughout his time in office, Roger has consistently stood in defense of Wisconsin residents' constitutional rights. From protecting freedom of speech to leading the charge in expanding 2nd amendment protections of WI residents, Roger has worked tirelessly against liberal special interests from Wisconsin and Washington D.C. when others refuse to act. As Lt. Governor, Roger will ensure Wisconsin residents can speak their minds, worship how they want, and protect their families without fear.

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First Elected: 2014    Next Election: 2022
Spouse: Rebecca   DOB: 2/5/1978
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