Advanced Placement Teacher Training Grants for 2018
Story Date: 11/1/2017

From:                    Caitlin McMunn Dooley, Ph.D.

                                Deputy Superintendent

                                Office of Teaching and Learning


Date:                     October 31, 2017


Subject:               Advanced Placement Teacher Training Grants for 2018


To support your ongoing efforts to improve the academic achievement of students, I am pleased to announce the Advanced Placement Teacher Training Grant opportunity for Georgia high schools.  This grant was created to assist in training teachers at AP Summer Institutes. Consideration will be given to all high schools with emphasis on schools with the fewest number of AP courses.  School districts may apply for a grant up to a maximum amount of $800.00 per teacher for up to 2 teachers to participate in the 2018 AP Summer Institute trainings in any of the specified courses identified in the application.  Awards may be applied toward costs for each participant’s registration in an AP Summer Institute and travel reimbursement for mileage, meals and lodging, if required.  Stipends may not be paid from Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) grant funds. Administrators may not be trained with GaDOE funds.  However, GaDOE grant funds may be combined with local professional development funds to create additional registrations.


Please note the following requirements:

(1)    Districts that have not utilized at least 80% of their Title II-A funds in FY2017 are ineligible

(2)    High schools awarded in 2017 but that did not satisfactorily complete 2017 Grant Program Summary Reports are ineligible.

(3)    High schools awarded in 2017 but that did not utilize their 2017 funds are ineligible.


Applications with instructions are included with this notification.  The deadline for application is Thursday, December 14, 2017.  All applications must be received by the Department no later than 4:00 p.m. on or before December 14, 2017. 


All applications should be scanned and attached in an email to:

Gail Humble, Program Manager

College Readiness and Talent Development


Local school districts that are selected as grant recipients must commit to ensuring that:

1)      A LEA budget template is completed in the Consolidated Application within four weeks of award (late March, 2018);

2)       Selected teachers are trained during the summer of 2018;

3)      Principals complete and return a 2018 Grant Summary Report no later than August 31, 2018 and systems complete all Consolidated Application budget requirements related to this particular grant by September 28, 2018.


Grant awards will not be final until approved by the State Board of Education.  Award letters will be sent to local superintendents with copies forwarded to high school principals.  You may anticipate notification of award to arrive via email in late February, 2018, allowing selected teachers ample time to register for the AP Summer Institutes.  Traditionally, AP Summer Institute registration opens in late February and seats fill quickly.  Grantees should not obligate funds before receiving the official grant award notification from GaDOE. The level of funding and effective dates of the projects will be included in the notification of the grant award


 Link to grant application



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