GaDOE Social Studies opportunities coming up this summer!
Story Date: 5/23/2018

Take advantage of summer PL for social studies - brought to you by GaDOE's Social Studies Department!

Civic Engagement Diploma Seal Virtual Training
Fri, May 25, 2018 11:00 AM 
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3rd and 4th Grade History Refresher 101 Workshop

Description: Join grade level colleagues in this lively, hands-on crash course on topics in U.S. History. We will model use of engaging inquiry strategies and resources while reinforcing and extending the content knowledge needed to teach the new Social Studies GSE.

The workshop, facilitated by GaDOE Social Studies - JoAnn Wood


Let’s Get Visual! Inquiry Based Instructional Activities that SWIRL​
Explicitly teaching Visual Literacy in social studies increases engagement and allows students to make connections between their lives and history.  This workshop will teach you how to: build visual literacy with visual journals, enhance your inquiry lessons, and incorporate the art standards with your existing lessons to create personal meaning for students. You do not have to be “good” at art to attend this workshop!

The workshop, facilitated by GaDOE Social Studies - Joy Hatcher, JoAnn Wood & GaDOE Fine Arts - Jessica Booth, is appropriate for teachers and school, district and RESA leaders or any combination of those.  Activities will be shared and modeled for K-12.


Inquiry: the Antidote for Feeling MEH in Social Studies Classrooms

In this interactive session, work with Joy Hatcher, GaDOE Social Studies Program Manager, to meet your daily required dose of inquiry and keep students on their mental toes. Ideas and resources for infusing inquiry and banishing apathy in grades 6-12 will be shared; bring your own and take home some new ones.