Elections 2012, General Information
by Sally FitzGerald on 12/5/2012

Candidate filing has concluded for the July 31 primary. The winners of that election and perhaps a runoff will be on the November 6 ballot along with any independent or third party candidates for any office.

As a non-profit, PTA cannot support or oppose any candidate or political party. However, information about dates of elections and candidates thereon are allowable election activity. This activity is considered educational.

Issues on which PTA has adopted a position can be advocated for or against. This activity is advocacy and any costs incurred are subject to the 5% spending limitation for advocacy/legislative activity per year.

Posted on the PTA Capitol Watch web site are listings of candidates with party and incumbency status for U.S. House of Representatives, statewide offices, state senate, and state house. This year there is no U. S. Senate race and only two statewide partisan races.

A quick analysis for each list shows how many seats are uncontested, will be settled in the primary by party, will be determined in the general election in November, or will be in play for both the primary and the general elections.

Constitutional amendments and any other ballot questions on the November election will be posted when available.

Updates will be posted after each voting opportunity.

Non partisan races for judicial candidates and any local non partisan races will be on the July ballot.

For local county, city, or school board races, check with your county election superintendent. For counties with a web site, these candidates are often posted there.

Because of the redistricting caused by the population shifts identified in the 2010 census, many voters will be in different districts than in prior years. Most voters will receive updated voter registration cards. KEEP the voter registration card in your wallet for easy access when you go to the polls.

Election Dates:

  July 31, Primary

  Aug. 21, Primary Runoff

  Nov. 6, General Election

  Dec. 4, General Election Runoff

Absentee ballots by mail will be available 45 days before the primary and general elections, and as soon as possible for any runoff. Sample ballots will be available at this time. Check your voter registration status on the MVP, My Voting Precinct, section of the Secretary of State’s web site,www.sos.ga.gov/elections, or check with your county election superintendent.

Absentee in-person voting will be available three weeks before the scheduled election and as soon as possible for any runoff at locations determined by each county election superintendent.

There is a required Saturday voting opportunity for the primary and general elections, July 21 and October 27 respectively at the early voting sites in your county.

Or you may cast your ballot on election day in your assigned precinct.

Use these resources to inform your PTA membership and community for each of the voting opportunities this year. 


Sally FitzGerald
Education Policy, GPTA
http://www.georgiapta.org/  Capitol Watch