Day 2: Still Getting Organized
by Sally FitzGerald on 1/15/2013

The Senate has named its committee chairs.  Highlighted are the new chairs.


Senate Committee Chairs
Rules - Jeff Mullis
Agriculture - John Wilkinson

Appropriations - Jack Hill
Banking - John Crosby
Economic Development - Frank Ginn
Education - Lindsey Tippins
Ethics - Rick Jeffares
Finance - Judson Hill
Government Oversight - Judson Hill - Bill Heath

Health and Human Services - Renee Unterman
Higher Education - Bill Cowsert
Insurance - Tim Golden
Interstate Cooperation - Hardie Davis
Judiciary - Josh McKoon
Judiciary Non-Civil Jesse Stone
        a new committee
Natural Resources - Ross Tolleson
Public Safety - Buddy Carter
Reapportionment - Don Balfour
Regulated Industries and Utilities - Jack Murphy
Retirement - Fran Millar (pronounced "Miller")
Science and Technology - Barry Loudermilk
Special Judiciary - Curt Thompson
State and Local Government Operations - William Ligon
State Institutions - John Albers
Transportation - Steve Gooch

Urban Affairs - Ronald Ramsey
Veterans, Military and Homeland Security - Ed Harbison


The House has not yet posted their committee assignments.  But we know there is going to be one new committee – House Juvenile Justice.  It is replacing the Children and Youth Committee which is being disbanded.  Rumor says the House will release committee assignments tomorrow.




These bills are a sampling of what has been introduced.  More will be reported if an when they emerge from committee.


CHILDREN – PTA is about all children


SR 10  James – 35   S.Health & Human Services

Urges Congress to require identification of minors boarding domestic flights.


HB 21  Oliver – 82   H.Juvenile Justice       

Provides for postadoption contact agreements between the birth parents and the adoptive parents.  Currently, there is no law on the books to enforce these contracts.


HB 46   Mitchell – 88   H.Judiciary Non Civil

Directors and employees of day care centers and any related child care facilities must have a satisfactory child protective services report.


DRIVERS LICENSE –our children drive


SB 15  James – 35   S.Public Safety

DUI offenders are banned from driving unless a functioning certified ignition device is installed.  First offence ban will be 6 months; subsequent offense 12 months.


EDUCATION  --  preparing our children for productive adulthood


SB 21  James – 35   SUPPORT   S.Education & Youth

Compulsory school ages changed from age 16 to age 17.


SB 22  James – 35   S.Education & Youth

Eligibility for school changed from attaining the appropriate age by December 1, rather than September 1, of the year of enrollment.


HB 35  Battles – 15   H.Public Safety & Homeland Security

School administrators to carry guns in schools if allowed by the LBOE.  Such administrators must complete a POST, Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, training course that police officers take or one especially created for school folk.  School districts shall pay the costs of such training.  Requires annually qualification to carry the weapon.


SB 42  Seay – 34   SUPPORT   S.Appropriations

Requires that QBE be funded annually without austerity cuts and that all money withheld from school districts through austerity cuts since 2002 be restored to the school systems.  Removes the phrase ‘subject to appropriation by the General Assembly’ from each component of the QBE act which essentially would require full funding by the legislature annually.


SB 43  Orrock – 36   S.Education & Youth

Pre K must be funded at 180 school days and all 4 year olds that apply for the program must be served.  Pre K is funded by lottery proceeds as is the HOPE scholarship for college.  If passed, and money was insufficient to fund both, it would be the college students who get shorted.


HB 48  Mitchell – 88   H.Health & Human Services

The Return to Play Act.  Youth in athletic activities and their parents and coaches are to receive concussion-related information annually.  Includes students in public and private schools, home school, community leagues such as Little League, Pop Warner football, YMCA program, church leagues, and ALTA tennis for example.


ELECTIONS  --  school board members are elected and schools are voting sites


SB 36  Heath – 31   S.Ethics  and

SB 48  Henson – 41   S.Ethics

Lobbyist gifts to legislators are limited to $100 each in value.


SB 44  Fort – 39   S.Ethics

Voters may register to vote on election day.


SB 45  Henson – 41   S.Ethics

Early voting shall include two Saturdays, the additional one being the Saturday immediately preceding election day.


HEALTH  --  kids get sick


SR 12  Henson – 41   S.Health & Human Services

Urges the Governor to expand Medicaid coverage in Georgia which would provide health care to 500,000 uninsured persons and bring in over $30 Billion in federal funds over 10 years.


SB 47  Fort – 39   S.Insurance & Labor

Every individual health insurance policy shall cover dependent children with cancer and those with autism.


HIGHER EDUCATION  -- our youth enter these institutions


SB 16  James – 35   S.Higher Education

GA Lottery Corporation is required to conduct and publish a biannual audit showing the number of tickets by census area and distribution of winnings by game type, location, and size.


SB 17 James – 35   S.Higher Education

An unaccredited post-secondary institution which was previously accredited within the last 11 years and is a candidate for accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, SACS, shall be approved for HOPE students and state tuition equalization grants.  High schools previously accredited but not currently accredited shall be eligible for students to get HOPE.  Think Morris Brown College.



Sally FitzGerald

Education Policy, GPTA

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