Day 4: The Budget Recommendations. House Committees
by Tyler Barr on 1/17/2013

The House committee membership was published today.  Highlighted are changes from 2011-12.


Agriculture & Consumer Affairs – Tom McCall

Appropriations – Terry England

Banks & Banking – Greg Morris

Budget & Fiscal Affairs Oversight – Chuck Martin

Code Revision – Calvin Hill

Defense & Veterans Affairs – John Yates

Economic Development & Tourism – Ron Stephens

Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications – Don Parsons

Game, Fish & Parks – Jon Burns

Governmental Affairs – Amy Carter

Health & Human Services – Sharon Cooper

Higher Education – Carl Rogers

Human Relation & Aging – Tommy Benton

Industry & Labor – Mark Hamilton

Information & Audits – Barbara Sims

Insurance – Richard Smith

Interstate Cooperation – Matt Dollar

Intragovernmental Coordination – Chuck Sims

Juvenile Justice – TomWeldon       a new committee

Judiciary – Wendell Willard

Judiciary Non-Civil – Rich Golick

Reapportionment – Randy Nix

Motor Vehicles – Tom Rice

Natural Resources & Environment – Lynn Smith

Public Safety & Homeland Security – Alan Powell

Regulated Industries – Howard Maxwell

Retirement – Paul Battles

Rules – John Meadows

Science & Technology – Ed Setzler

Small Business Development – David Knight

Special Rules – Willie Talton

State Properties – Jay Neal

State Planning & Community Affairs – Jimmy Pruett

Transportation – Jay Roberts

Ways & Means – Mickey Channell


Children & Youth committee has been disbanded.


The governor delivered his State of the State address this morning, which usually has information on the budget recommendations.

  •  Juvenile Justice, supports recommendations of the Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform which emphasizes community-based, non-confinement correctional methods for low-risk offenders - $5 million in FY04 to incent local governments to create and utilize these community based options.
  • Teens who operate boats and personal watercraft will have education requirements, and children 13 and under must wear life jackets when riding in a moving open boat.
  • Pre K will be funded for a full 180 days with a salary increase for ‘deserving’ teachers.
  • $1.6 million for reading mentors to get children reading on grade level by grade three.
  • $156 million for K-12 enrollment growth in FY 13.
  • $147 million in FY14 for enrollment growth and step increases for teachers.
  • $41 million for the Equalization Formula, newly redefined.
  • HOPE scholarship will get a 3% increase over last year.
  • HOPE grants for technical schools will cover 90% of tuition in areas of high need – commercial drivers’ licenses, nursing, early childhood education.


You can read the full message on the governor’s web site –  The budgets are available on the Office of Planning and Budget web site,




DRIVERS LICENSE –our children drive


HB 31  Mayo – 84   H.Motor Vehicles

Bans the use of hand held mobile phones while driving.  Permits use of a hands-free telecommunication device.


EDUCATION  --  preparing our children for productive adulthood


SB 57  James – 35   S.Education & Youth

Increases the compulsory school ages from age 6 to age 16 to age 5 to age 16.


HB 70, Golick – 40   OPPOSE   H.Higher Education

State Board of Education, SBOE, may waive the requirement that students with IEPs be enrolled for one year in a public school before they can access the special education voucher.  This is a K-12 issue but is not assigned to the committee which deals with K-12 proposals.  Hmmmmm!  PTA OPPOSES vouchers of any kind.


HIGHER EDUCATION  -- our youth enter these institutions


HB 75  Kidd – 145  H.Higher Education

HOPE may be used for students attending the Military Junior College in Milledgeville which is a private institution which serves high school and two years of college.


REVENUE/TAXATION -- schools are funded with taxes


SR 8  McKoon – 29   S.Finance

Constitutional Amendment to limit the authority of the General Assembly to levy state income taxes.  State income taxes bring in 50% of the state revenue.  Without it, all services are in severe jeopardy.



Sally FitzGerald

Education Policy, GPTA

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