Georgia PTA Legislative Update 2015-14-1
by Tyler Barr on 1/14/2015

Today is the third legislative day of the general session. Lawmakers have return over the past two days ready to work. 

The hot topic seem to be transportation and a potential tax hike; however, many elected officials attended the Georgia Chamber of Commerce's Eggs & Issues breakfast on Tuesday to hear Governor Deal speak on Georgia's number one issue to citizens, education. Deal stated that he will support education reforms that allow the state to takeover failing schools and proposed a plan to let 10th grade students who pass the SAT, enroll into college. In addition, Deal discuss changes to our K-12 education system that he feels will promote better results in our classrooms and how "our state can certainly use a few more young people who understand not only the value of coding, but also how to do it", says Deal. Read the Governor's remarks from the breakfast. Read More

Another issue under the gold dome relating to children is medical marijuana. A major change to the bill sponsored by Alan Peake that regulate the use and production of medical cannabis oil that treats certain conditions will no longer include the provision to grow and distribute medical cannabis in Georgia. Basically, patients will have to go to other states. Mike Hopkins, parent medical marijuana advocate, moved family to Colorado from Covington, Georgia last year for nine year old daughter seizure disorders is deeply disappointed because he cannot move family back to Georgia, the current law makes it illegal to be transport medical marijuana into the state. He had two other special needs children who died from seizure disorders, he believed the cannabis oil could have saved them. 

Also, today Governor Nathan Deal delivers his annual State of the State address before a joint session of the Georgia General Assembly in House Chambers at 11 a.m. from the State Capitol. Watch Live 

Proposed Senate First Readers

SB 2 - (Tippins-37th) Education; student who completes certain requirements relating to postsecondary coursework awarded a high school diploma.

SB 12 - (Seay-34th) Quality Basic Education Formula; require the full funding.

SB 13 - (Thompson-5th) HOPE Scholarships and Grants; provide amount; shall be accepted as full payment of tuition by University System of Georgia institutions

SB 14 - (Fort-39th) 'Pay Forward, Pay Back Student Grant Act'

SB 18 - (Harbinson-15th) Technical College System of Georgia; establish policies for granting academic credit for college level learning from military service, work experience

SR 12 - (Thompson-5th) Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia; encouraged to create policies; award academic credit to students; prior to admission

SR 13 - (Harbinson-15th) Appropriations Bills; preparation, submission, and enactments; education appropriations Act -CA

2015 Georgia General Assembly Calendar 

  • The House will convene today at 10:00am
  • The Senate will convene at 10:00am 
  • No Committee meetings scheduled  

To find more events and the happenings of the Capitol, be sure to look at the calendar of events. You can also keep up with what's going on during the session with live broadcasts from the Housethe Senate or both chambers at the same time.