Georgia PTA Legislative Update 2015-3-2
by Tyler Barr on 2/10/2015

Today, the Georgia General Assembly will convene for the 11th Legislative Day. So far, the House has passed the $20.9 billion FY 15 supplemental budget which included $276 million in additional revenues. The amended budget now moves to the Senate for committee review and full consideration. See Full Amended FY 15 Budget 

Governor Deal has established the Education Reform Commission made up of legislators, educators, and other stakeholders to present recommendations in August 2015. The commission will be task with studying ways to increase access to early learning, recruiting and retaining high quality teachers, and expanding school options for families in Georgia. 

The Senate passed SB 1 which requires insurance companies to provides coverage for children six years and under diagnosed with autism, the bill is now being reviewed by the House. 

Also, the Senate Education Committee gave SB 2, committee favorably reported by substitute, which means the substitute bill not the original is reported to the full House for floor consideration. 

The Senate Education & Youth Committee met yesterday in room 307-CLOB; the agenda included subcommittee assignments for Senator Jesse Stone and Senator John Wilkinson, senate bills assigned to subcommittee - SB 56 and SB 60, and presentation of Top 10 legislative issues by Dana Rickman, Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education. 

New Bills Introduced  

  • HB 91Education; eliminate Georgia High School Graduation Test; provisions 
  • HB 92Labor; allow employees to use sick leave for care of immediate family members; provisions
  • HB 101Schley County; Board of Education; change description of districts Schley County; Board of Education; change description of districts
  • HB 107Higher Education Access and Success for Homeless and Foster Youth Act; enact
  • HB 111School buses; commercial advertising by local boards of education; provide
  • HB 131- The End to Cyberbullying Act; enact
  • HB 132Education; State Board of Education to develop comprehensive civics education curricula; require
  • HB 135Too Young to Suspend Act; enact
  • HB 138Social Media Privacy Protection Act; enact
  • HB 139Dropout Deterrent Act; enact
  • HB 144Student Online Personal Information Act; enact
  • SB 56Education; mandatory education for children between ages 6 and 16; raise the age of mandatory attendance
  • SB 60Education; raise the mandatory education from 16 to 17 1/2; adult literacy for purposes of conformity; revise provisions
  • SB 64Juvenile Code, Domestic Relations, and Vital Records; repeal voluntary acknowledgments of legitimation
  • SB 67Firearms; prohibit all carrying of weapons in government buildings
  • SB 80Education; funding for state charter schools and virtual charter schools; revise various provisions
  • SB 81- Education; provide for election of local school superintendents by voters; members of local boards of education

House and Senate Committee Meetings (2/2-5/15)

  • 2/2/15 - House Academic Innovation Subcommittee of Education, 11:00 AM - 506 CLOB
  • 2/2/15 - Senate Education & Youth Committee, 1:00 PM - 307 CLOB 
  • 2/2/15 - House Juvenile Justice Committee, 2:00 PM - 506 CLOB
  • 2/2/15 - House Academic Achievement Subcommittee of Education, 3:00 PM - 415 CLOB 
  • 2/3/15 - House Science & Technology Committee, 3:00 PM - 506 CLOB See Agenda
  • 2/3/15 - Senate Science & Technology Committee, 1:00 PM - 310 CLOB See Agenda
  • 2/3/15 - Joint Higher Education Committee, 3:00 PM - 406 CLOB See Agenda
  • 2/3/15 - Senate Appropriations-Education Subcommittee, 3:30 PM - 341 CAP
  • 2/4/15 - Senate Education & Youth Committee, 1:00 PM - 307 CLOB
  • 2/5/15 - Senate Science & Technology Committee, 1:00 PM - 310 CLOB 

General Calendar

  • Senate will convene Tuesday February 3, 2015 at 10 am for the 10th legislative day. 
  • House will convene Tuesday February 3, 2015 at 10 am for the 10th legislative day. 
  • Live broadcasts of both chambers. Watch Live