2015-16 Georgia PTA Legislative Priorities
by Tynettia Elrod on 10/23/2015


2015-16 Legislative Priorities


Georgia PTA serves to strengthen collective voices to educate, empower, and engage families and communities to advocate on statewide issues that affect the lives of our children. The legislative priorities are based on child related education and safety policy issues surveyed by the members of Georgia PTA.

Georgia PTA 2015-16 legislative priorities includes:

  • Georgia PTA supports efforts to increase state spending in public Pre-K through 12th grade education and equitable distribution of public funds for public schools.

  • Georgia PTA supports more efficiently and effectively family engagement initiatives to increase student achievement and parent involvement in decisions of their children in our local schools.  

  • Georgia PTA supports the constitutional authority that continue local control, accountability, and transparency of public schools by local school boards of education as specified by current state requirements.

  • Georgia PTA support efforts to maintain the responsibility of developing education curriculum and assessments by the Georgia Department of Education.  


  • Georgia PTA supports safe and supportive environment that ensures all children are safe in their homes, communities, and schools including school safety zones and school buses.

  • Georgia PTA supports stronger legislation and policies to reduce criminal acts, abuse, neglect, bullying, and unintentional injuries to children, and the privacy of personal information.

  • Georgia PTA support education to ensure families are informed on the use of technology in schools and their rights under federal law to protect their children identity and student data.

  • Georgia PTA support efforts to strengthen Georgia‚Äôs law to criminalize domestic minor sex trafficking and the implementation of strict penalties associated with child trafficking and exploitation. 

The Georgia PTA Board of Directors approved on 10/3/15.