Georgia PTA Position Statement on Oppotunity School District
by Tynettia Elrod on 3/20/2016


Opportunity School District

Georgia PTA Position Statement

While the Georgia PTA recognizes a need for state assistance for chronically

low-performing schools, Senate Bill 133, the “Opportunity School District,” does

not align with legislative priorities or the “Operation Ready to Learn” resolution

passed by the delegates of the Georgia PTA.

The 2015-2016 Georgia PTA legislative priorities are to support efforts to

increase state spending to education and use of public funds for public schools

only, and to support constitutional authority of local school boards of education to

control or manage schools in their system. The Georgia PTA strongly supports

local control of public education and adequate state funding for public schools,

and the Georgia PTA’s mission is to engage parents in the education of their

children. “Operation Ready to Learn,” a resolution passed by Georgia PTA

delegates at the 2015 convention, resolved to assist schools in utilizing

community resources, to assist parents in advocating for the needs of their

children, and to encourage local schools to improve access to school resources

for families. The “Operation Ready to Learn” resolution advocates for parents to

collaborate with state and local leaders to increase student achievement and

equity for all children.

Senate Bill 133, the “Opportunity School District,” calls for an amendment to the

Constitution of the State of Georgia that would allow for the creation of a

statewide school district under the control of a Governor-appointed, state-level

Superintendent. This amendment to our Constitution would remove control of

local public schools; strip funding for local public schools; restrict community

access to public facilities, instructional materials, and school equipment; and

allow for the diversion of state education funding away from local public schools

to taxpayer-funded private schools.

Because the “Opportunity School District,” as passed by the 2015 Georgia

General Assembly, does not align with the Georgia PTA legislative priorities or

the Georgia PTA “Operation Ready to Learn” resolution, the Georgia PTA does not

support the Constitutional Amendment as currently created by Senate Bill 133.