RESA News - April 2007
st_1005 on 4/20/2007

*A special thanks for Jonathan Laney, RESA Coordinator, and all of our schools� Academic Bowl coordinators for helping make the Academic Bowl competitions so good this year. These competitions challenge our students academically and serve as a reminder that RESA and our schools are focused on academic achievement.

*In late spring we are planning to transition to on-line registration for our professional learning here at RESA. We have contracted with a company, Capitol Impact, to manage and coordinate our web site update. The main improvement in our web site will be the ability for people to register for all RESA courses and activities on-line. This change will allow us to manage our professional learning more effectively and efficiently and will be much more �customer-friendly� for our clients. On April 13, we will host an orientation and training for our school system professional learning coordinators and other staff to help make the transition go smoothly. Watch our current web site for more information about this transition.

 *Summer professional learning opportunities will be posted soon on our RESA web site. We are excited about the variety and quality of our summer offerings.

 *On June 14 we will honor Bee Littlefield on her upcoming retirement from our GLRS program. Bee has been a long-time employee of RESA and we want to thank her for her many years of faithful service. Look for more information on this important event on our web site.