New On-line Registration Process at West GA RESA
st_1005 on 7/11/2007

In order to register for courses, workshops and other RESA-sponsored activities, you will need to register on-line. The first step in the registration process is to set up a �profile� or user account. You will only need to set up your profile once. After you have set up your profile, you will be ready to register for any RESA activities which require registration.


Steps to Set Up Profile and Register

  1. Go to Professional Learning Tab, Select All Classes by Date.
  2. Select a "class" from the list of classes by clicking on the class title.
  3. A new window with all the information concerning the course (Cost, Location, Registration Deadlines, etc) can be viewed.  Scroll to the bottom of this page
  4. At the bottom of the page you will see an "Email Address" box and "continue"  
    • Enter your email address and click "continue".
    • If you see "Email Address Not Found", then you have not set up your profile.
    • Locate the link that says "Click to set up your profile."
    • A new window opens titled "New Registrant", re-enter your email address and click continue.
  5. A "Registrant Profile Form/Create your Profile" application opens up
    • Name: Notice the first name, middle name and last name fields.
    • Password: Put in a password of your choice.  Make sure you write it down.
    • Certification Number: (This is required for PLU credit by PSC)
    • Next Section:
      • Select "West GA RESA"; Systems of West GA RESA pop up (If you work in a system outside West GA RESA, select your home RESA instead)
      • Select your specific "System"'; Schools in your selected system pop up
      • Select your specific school
        • If your school is a Pre-K Center, you will need to select one of the schools on your system's list.  All systems have a designated school of record for Pre-K.  Contact your local BOE for confirmation of this designation.
    • Position: i.e., Teacher
    • Teaching Level; i.e. Elem, Middle, High
    • Certificate Type:
  • T = Teaching
  • S = Service
  • L = Leadership
  • Paraprofessional

If you have 2 types of certificates, i.e., Teaching and Leadership, choose the one for which you are currently employed. 

    • Subjects; i.e., All, Science, Math, etc
    • Contact Information Section:  School Address, Telephone, Home Address, Home/Cell Telephone,
  1. Click the "Submit" button.  This brings up a view of your profile; check to see if all is correct.
  2. If all is OK, click on the "Register for a class" button located at the top of your profile view. 
  3. This takes you back to the list of classes
  4. Click on the class you wish to register for.  This takes you back to the class information page (Step 3) where you will scroll down and re-enter your e-mail address and click continue.
  5. A new View opens with a summary of the class you are registering for, a summary of your profile and a password prompt.
  6. Enter the password you supplied when setting up your profile.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Another form view opens.  There are two more questions to answer.  
    • Method of payment (select one) Please check with your administrators if you are not sure.
    • Credits Apply to (select the best choice) which type of professional learning.
  9. Click "Continue"
  10. One last chance to check your information.  If all is correct, scroll down to locate "click to complete your application."
  11. A new window opens with your information and a message "Application Complete".