GACE On-Line Assessments
st_1005 on 11/16/2007

West Georgia RESA

GACE On-line Testing Site for Paraprofessional Assessment
and Computer Skill Competency Assessment


West Georgia RESA is now an authorized testing site for both the GACE on-line Paraprofessional Assessment and the GACE on-line Computer Skill Competency Assessment. Both exams will be given on designated dates and a schedule is listed below.


Individuals wishing to take the Paraprofessional Assessment or the Computer Skill Competency Assessment may schedule an appointment to take the appropriate assessment by either emailing Nichole Evans, Adm. Assistant for Professional Learning, at or by calling Nichole at 770-583-2528, ext. 601.  Appointments will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. We can only accommodate 10 test takers at each session.



Testing dates for 2007-2008 are listed below. There will be two test sessions on each of these dates so please indicate whether you want to take the test at the 9 am session or the 1 pm session. The test is scheduled for a three hour time period.


Cost of the test is $45. You will have to bring a credit card (MasterCard or Visa only) to charge $35 for the test itself and you will have to bring a check payable to West GA RESA for $10 for test administration costs. You will also need to bring a photo ID to verify your identity.


Test results will be available to you on-site when you complete the exam and National Evaluation Systems will also mail you a copy of your test results.


Test Dates for Paraprofessional Exam    Test Dates for Computer Competency Exam

December 5 (FULL)
January 9 (FULL)
February 6
March 5
April 16
May 7
June 4
July 9

December 12
January 16
February 13
March 12
April 23
May 14
June 11
July 16