Carrollton City Schools wins Publishers Clearing House Grants
by Cindy Windham on 10/9/2007

The awards were announced in �Publishers Clearinghouse Prize Patrol� style Sept. 27, which included a team of foundation members and school administrators surprising the recipients in their classrooms. Grants were awarded to teachers at Carrollton High School, Carrollton Junior High, Carrollton Middle School, Carrollton Elementary and New Horizons, the school system�s alternative school.

Teachers apply for the grants online at the beginning of the school year. A grants committee then reviews the applications and selects recipients.

This year, the grants will be used to purchase supplemental materials such as 105 scientific calculators for the Carrollton High School math department and provide funding to start a Science Olympiad program at Carrollton Junior High. Elementary and middle school teachers were awarded grants to purchase dozens of supplemental reading materials for their classrooms, from Weekly Readers to biographies to author studies.

�The teachers are always so appreciative to receive money for these extra materials,� said Melanie McLendon, chair of the Carrollton City Schools Education Foundation. �These purchases can make all the difference in their classrooms.�

For more information on this program and the award you may visit the school website at

Congratulations to the schools who were chosen to receive the awards to be used for much needed instructional supplies!