PSC Workshop on Best Practices in Testing
by Kerri Felder on 10/6/2010

During the past two years there has been an increase in complaints related to testing. One issue that has become very obvious is the lack of consistency in the procedures used by school systems for implementation of the student assessment program. Some school systems cannot afford a full time System Test Coordinator to develop and implement specific procedures for testing. To assist these systems (and hopefully reduce the number of Ethics Complaints related to testing), GaPSC solicited the assistance of the members of the Atlanta Area Testing Directors organization. The members of this organization share concerns, information, ideas, procedures and forms with each other to assist members in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the assessment process in their systems. GaPSC  asked the group to develop some suggested procedures for all school systems in Georgia that would improve the testing program.

The workshop will cover the suggested procedures from AATD members based on the best practices used in their systems. The presentation will provide practical recommendations and forms for each school system to use in the development and implementation of local procedures that will protect the integrity of the testing program and also protect superintendents, principals, teachers and other employees from unwarranted allegations of violating the ethical standards related to testing. Because school systems in Georgia vary in size from less than 1,000 students to more than 160,000 students, each system must determine which student assessment procedures are appropriate for their system, and how they will be implemented.  


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