New Elective Offered at University of West Georgia
by Kerri Felder on 10/26/2010

The College of Education at the University of West Georgia is pleased to announce a new elective for Spring Semester, 2011:


Contemporary Legal Issues for Teachers

EDFD 7385-01, CRN 13538

Tuesdays  5:30pm-8pm 


This course has been designed specifically to introduce career teachers to critical and contemporary legal issues affecting their professional practice. Topics to be covered include:

*Teacher Contracts and Job Security
*Bullying & Child Abuse
*Libel, Slander, & Internet Issues
*Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators (Advanced)
*Liability & Student Safety
*Special Education
*Student Discipline
*Religion & Schools
*Freedom of Speech and Expression
*Student Records and Confidentiality
*Race & Gender Discrimination
*Dress Code, Uniforms, & Grooming
*Copyright Law
*No Child Left Behind