West Georgia RESA Commends Carrollton High School for their Status as an IB Candidate School
by Kerri Felder on 3/7/2011

West Georgia RESA commends Carrollton High School for their status as an IB candidate school.  The high school joins a community of prestigious world-wide schools offering an international curriculum and rigorous externally evaluated assessments.

IB is a two-year program taken at the junior and senior year of high school in which students can earn either a certificate in a specific content area or a full programme diploma. The programme has classes in each of six subjects: English language arts, mathematics and computer science, social studies, science arts and a second language. To earn the diploma a student would have to take all the classes plus the three core subjects of the theory of knowledge, creativity, action and service, which includes service hours earned in the community, as well as write a 4,000-word independent research essay on a subject of their choice. Students can also earn a certificate in a specific area such as mathematics and computer science.

For more information about the IB Programme, visit  <www.ibo.org>.