Georgia Movie Academy
by Kerri Felder on 11/27/2011


Georgia Movie Academy 2012 Competetion

At GaETC this year in Atlanta, Bernajean Porter, noted expert on
technology, was a featured speaker and gave several plugs to Georgia Movie
Academy in her sessions last Thurday and Friday. It was amazing to think
that our competition has gotten attention from a national expert on
digital storytelling. She also gave permission to quote her on our state
GMA site:

When a digital story is finished it should be remembered for its soul,
not the bells and whistles of the technology tools. (Bernajean Porter)

It's a short time until we need registration forms from you for this
year's competition. The forms are found on the website

Please fax them to Kerri Felder, . The forms are pages 7 - 11 of the policies.

Here are the deadlines for this year's GMA competition.

December 9th - Registration forms are due - $50 per team or a PO number from your county
Form 1 (page 7 of attachment) - Coaches sign that they've read the policies for GMA 2012

Form 2 (page 8) - Principals sign that they know your team of 3 - 8 students is entering.

Form 3 (page 9) Coaches fill out Registration form - so that we know what division you're entering and how many teams

Form 4 (page 10) Coaches fill out Proposal form - remember this is not binding; your team may change your entire idea later if you need to.

Form 5 (page 11) Parent/Guardian Permission forms from EACH student on your team (you may change members or add members later; the final deadline for team member permission forms turned in to Kerri is January 25th)

March 1st - projects are due to West GA RESA
. GMA Theme for this year is "Every person, place, or thing has a story."

This year we'll be having the state judging in April and announce Best Pictures by division for the state in May.