Day 5: Busy Week Ahead
by Angela Palm on 1/25/2010

As usual at this stage of the session, there was little action in either the House or Senate today.  As the committees meet and pass out legislation, that will of course change.  As shown in the upcoming events below, the committees are indeed cranking up.

Bill To Publish Tax Exemptions On the Move

Last year Sen. Greg Goggans brought forward SB 206 which requires publishing a tax expenditure report each year as part of the budgeting process.  This would list all state tax credits and exemptions and the amount of each.  It passed the Senate last year and was heard this morning in a new Subcommittee of House Appropriations.  If the Office of Planning and Budget chooses to outsource the project, the estimated cost is $50,000.  It was given a "Do Pass" with no dissenting votes.  It now moves on to the full Appropriations Committee.  Passage of this is one of GSBA's legislative priorities this year.

The new subcommittee, Zero-Based Budgeting Coordination, is an interesting creation by new Speaker David Ralston.  It was set up to do special projects and designed to take up any topic.  Their first task is to look at all the bonds and see if they are needed.



Tuesday, January 26

The General Assembly will be in session.

House Ways and Means Committee will meet at 2 PM in 606 CLOB.  Bills will be first read and placed in subcommittee.

Senate Education & Youth Committee will meet at 3 PM in 307 CLOB to hear the following bills:

  • SB 298 which would require a basic first aid course as part of the 8th grade health course
  • SB 307, the Teachers' Bill of Rights (and yes it sounds very similar to a bill that has come from a House Democrat for several years but now comes from Republican Senators Judson Hill, Chip Rogers, and David Shafer)
  • SB 60, allowing the local board to set the dropout age at 16, 17, or 18
  • SB 132, raising the state dropout age to 17

Wednesday, January 27

The General Assembly will be in session.

Ramsey Subcommittee of Judiciary Non-Civil will meet at 1:30 or upon adjournment whichever is later in 132 CAP to hear HB 615 which would greatly extend the right for those with a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  The current version of the bill does not exclude school property and functions.  The bill would allow them to carry their weapons everywhere except the portion of a building housing a jail or courthouse.

House Appropriations Education Subcommittee will meet at 2 PM in 341 CAP for a public hearing on the supplemental budget.  Those who wish to speak can sign up in 245 CAP or email to be put on the list.  Several Department budgets will also be discussed.

Senate Finance Committee will meet at 4 PM in 310 CLOB.  Agenda TBA

Thursday, January 28

The General Assembly will be in session.

Senate Education & Youth Committee will meet at 8 AM in 310 CLOB.  Agenda TBA

House Education Committee will meet at 2 PM in 506 CLOB.  Agenda TBA