Day 7: Decreeing the School Calendar
by Angela Palm on 1/27/2010

Another slow boat to Day 40 in the House and Senate today, but the committees were active.  There were several new bills of interest:

  • HB 995 would require that all school start dates be no earlier than Sept. 1 or Labor Day whichever is earlier except those with a year-round operation under 20-2-168 (e). Coincidentally, yesterday was Tourism Day At The Capitol.
  • HB 977 would prohibit a local board from using state funds to give any administrator a raise in a school year in which teachers and other staff have been furloughed.  It also requires that if such a raise is given with local funds or private donations that 30 days public notice be given including the rationale and a public hearing be held.
  • SB 319 redefines "textbook" to include computer hardware and technical equipment necessary to support digital content.
  • SB 320 reworks the Teachers' Bill of Rights that was SB 307.


Guns Bill Heard

HB 615 continues to be a work in progress.  This bill is designed to redefine "public gathering" as narrowly as possible so as to minimize the intrusion upon the rights of those with a concealed weapon permit to carry their weapon where they choose.  The discussion was lively as strong opinions are held on both sides.  In the three and a half hour hearing about half of those wishing to testify were able to do so.  Another hearing will be held before any vote is taken.  The Judiciary Non-Civil Subcommittee hearing the bill is now chaired by Rep. Ed Setzler who also chairs the Charter School Subcommittee of House Education.



Thursday, January 28

The General Assembly will be in session.

NOTE:  The 8 AM meeting of Senate Education and Youth has been cancelled.

House Appropriations Committee will meet at 11 AM in 341 CAP to hear SB 206, requiring an annual tax expenditure report, and HB 869 authorizing a process to reduce the salary of the General Assembly.

Setzler Subcommittee of Judiciary Non-Civil will meet at 11:30 AM in 132 CAP to hear HB 927.  A committee substitute, which is not yet available electronically, will be used.

House Education Committee will meet at 2 PM in 506 CLOB to discuss SB 84, relating to school board governance, and HB 908, relating to flexibility for school districts.  There will also be presentations from two groups.