Day 27: 13 Days remaining.
by Jim Puckett on 3/19/2010

Today, the Senate passed SB 299 which changes judicial proceedings for students before the court for violations of the zero tolerance weapons policy.  The legislation does not impact how schools deal with the issue.

The House passed HB 936 which allows systems to spend state school bus replacement funds to refurbish buses.

The Senate Education and Youth Committee gave a "do pass" to the following bills:

  • SB 320 Bill of rights for teachers:  mandates how teachers of the year are chosen; allows third party to be present during administrator/teacher conferences.
  • SB 426 prohibits payment of per diem to board members if board member is named as as a contributing cause to loss of accreditation.
  • SB 521 allows school districts to retain FTE allocations for students in dual enrollment programs when the students are taking classes in district facilities.

Action was delayed on SB 451 which establishes procedures to be followed if a death occurs in a family day care facility.

The House Education Committee gave a "do pass" recommendation to the following bills:

  • HB 1110 board members may not be employed in the district in which they are serving until one year after such service.
  • HB 1200 allows boards to accept donations for field trips, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • HB 1031 changes provisions for court action dealing with excessive student absences.

The Committee also reviewed:

HB 966 provides that only permanent classroom space will count when dealing with capacity for student transfers.  The bill passed subcommittee but no action was taken by the full committee.

HB 215 the dual diploma bill, was discussed at length, but no vote was taken.  A study committee will be formed.

Upcoming meetings:

  • Monday, March 22
    • 10:00 Senate Education and Youth Committee, Room 310 CLOB.
      SB 515 prohibits districts from furloughing employees if the system has an unencumbered fund balance equal to or greater than 6% of that year's total operating budget.
  • The House of Representatives calendar:
    • HB 281 which permits nonenrolled public school students to participate in extracurricular activities in any public school within the students' attendance zone upon the principal's approval.
    • HB 1086 exempts certain school employee records from the open records provisions of state law.
    • HB 1103 regarding criminal background checks
    • HB 1307 temporarily suspends professional development credits for certificate  renewal.