Day 31: Back to normal
by Jim Puckett on 3/30/2010

This 31st day of the 2010 Legislative Session was more like the session's norm (read leisurely) as compared to last Friday's day 30, the "crossover day" by which each House attempts to complete legislation in order for it to "cross over" for consideration by the other House.  For comparison, on Friday the House of Representatives considered dozens of bills, working until midnight.  This day, the House calendar had three bills.

The House passed SB 250 a "simple little bill" that attempts to clarify student behaviors that disrupt school operations.  HB 927 was added to the bill as an amendment.  HB 927 is the anti-bullying bill that came through the Judiciary Committee which failed to be considered on "crossover day."

The Senate passed HB 905 containing the much needed extension of the capital outlay provisions of state law.  This bill now goes to the Governor for action.

The Senate Education Committee gave a "do pass" recommendation to the following bills:

  • HB 651 permits the Department of Education to provide lists of registered sexual offenders to Georgia schools through posting a link on the DOE web site to the GBI web site.
  • HB 910 removes the requirement that DOE report annually on the compliance of local school systems relating to the prohibition of gender discrimination.
  • HB 923 extends the date for completion of leadership certification in order to be paid on such certification even if the individual is not working in a leadership position:
    • Masters:  July 1, 2012
    • Specialist: July 1 2013
    • Doctorate: July 1, 2014
  • HB 925 allows schools to notify parents of students in violation of attendance policies by regular mail.
  • HB 1079 authorizes payment of Professional Standards Commission certification fees by credit or debit card or "other methods as adopted by the PSC."
  • HB 1086 expands prohibitions for disclosure of public records to private school employees.
  • HB 1200 allows school districts to accept donations to pay for field trips and other educational purposes.

Work on the FY 10 continuation and FY 11 budgets continues.  Stay tuned.