Time to Gear Up
by Angela Palm on 11/4/2010

Between a legislative session that seemed to last forever and long, combative campaigns it's been quite the year.  Now, thankfully it's over (except for two judicial races), and we can get down to business.  

Some familiar faces will be missing in January under the Gold Dome, but the makeup of the legislature didn't change very much.  The majority party in the Senate picked up one seat, and in the House they picked up four and lost one.  They do not yet hold a two-thirds majority in either chamber.  There will be some new leaders in place, and a number of new legislators.  Unfortunately, they will be dealing with a lot of the same sticky issues.

Getting Ready For Next Year

What does the sweep mean?  Does it change the way we advocate for the students of Georgia?  We scheduled our annual Advocacy Workshop later this year so we could address the election results, and Dr. Charles Bullock -- one of the state's top political scientists -- will be on hand for that.

HB1405 created the Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians, and they have been meeting and holding listening sessions.  Dr. David Sjoquist, one of the state's top economists and a member of the Council, will update us on this work and to talk about the state revenue picture.

GSBA staff and General Counsel will also lead activities and make presentations.  If you have not registered yet, we hope you will join us Monday, November 8th, in Macon at the Marriott City Center.  Just click to register.  This is a good introductory activity for newly elected board members too so be sure to pass on the invitation.


Only 67 days till the General Assembly convenes!