Different Type of View Available for Professional Learning Calendar
Story Date: 6/22/2018

There are 3 views available for the HGRESA Professional Learning events.

Calendar View: http://www.ciclt.net/sn/resa/rec_monthly.aspx?ClientCode=hgresa&Month=&Year=

Classes by Date:  http://www.ciclt.net/sn/resa/recl_classlist.aspx?ClientCode=hgresa

Upcoming Classes (New): Time, Date, Event http://www.ciclt.net/sn/resa/rec_list.aspx?SearchType=Upcoming&ClientCode=hgresa

If you have not established a profile, please complete by using this site: http://www.ciclt.net/sn/resa/rep_profilenew.aspx?ClientCode=hgresa  

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