Pulaski Co. Schools Job Vacancy
by Janice Beck on 3/1/2019


POSITION:                                       Assistant Superintendent

REPORTS TO:                                 Superintendent

LOCATION:                                     Pulaski County Board of Education Central Office

                                                            72 Warren Street

                                                            Hawkinsville, GA 31036

JOB GOAL:  To assist the Superintendent in planning, implementing and evaluating the best possible instructional programs for Pulaski County students.


  • Coordinates curriculum planning, revision and evaluation for K-12 educational programs
  • Serves as System Test Coordinator
  • Plans cooperatively with Superintendent regarding the school system’s curriculum and instructional program
  • Coordinates the formulation of a philosophy and objectives for the instructional program
  • Provides leadership in conjunction with principals and assistant principals for instruction in building an effective instructional program in individual schools and on a county level
  • Plans, organizes and assumes responsibility for implementing a system-wide program for the evaluation and appraisal of the instructional program
  • Maintains liaison and active participation with educational leaders in curriculum and instruction at state, regional and national levels
  • Coordinates the development of the budget pertaining to curriculum and instruction
  • Coordinates the publication of curriculum guides and other resource materials
  • Coordinates review of curriculum in all content areas and the selection of textbooks and instructional resources for the system through use of faculty committees
  • Studies various state and federal legislation, projects and programs for the possibilities and opportunities they offer for educational grants, entitlements and allocations offered relevant to the needs of the district
  • Informs, interprets and recommends to the Superintendent the effects of current and pending state and federal legislation
  • Assists the Superintendent and professional staff in planning the wise utilization of funds available to the schools through various state and federal programs
  • Assumes responsibility for the writing of various state and federally funded project proposals to be submitted to the State Department of Education or other designated agencies for approval in the manner required under the law
  • Considers and evaluates requests from school personnel for projects and programs requiring state and federal monies
  • Prepares testimony for the Board concerning pending state and federal legislation
  • Works with the professional staff in analyzing and evaluating the effect of state and federal programs in operation in the district
  • Prepares an annual report for the Board summarizing the evaluations of appropriate state and federally funded programs newly completed, the progress of those underway and the importance of those being planned
  • Coordinates the Title I, Title II, and Title VI Class Size Reduction Programs
  • Regulates retention/administrative placement
  • Supervises the implementation of the Alternative School Program, Kindergarten Registration, EIP Program, Remedial Education Program, Reading Challenge Program, Migrant Program, Parent Involvement Programs, Pre-K Program and K-12 Art/Music Programs
  • Coordinates Teacher of the Year Program
  • Interprets system test scores to schools, Board, and the public
  • Facilitates the development, implementation and evaluation of special instructional programs or projects
  • Implements and supervises Board policies relating to curriculum
  • Supervises system compliance with instruction-focused state standards
  • Attends Board meetings and prepares such reports for the Board as the Superintendent may request
  • Reports on the status of district programs and services at the request of the Superintendent
  • Supervises implementation and evaluation of state staff development program
  • Coordinates with the system API in curriculum development, instructional planning and professional development
  • Performs such duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools
  • Demonstrates prompt and regular attendance
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

    • Has teaching, curriculum and varied administrative experience encompassing elementary, middle and/or high school
    • Must have, or be eligible for, a Leadership certificate from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission
    • Six-year degree or higher preferred


    SALARY:  State salary scale, benefits package, and local and responsibility supplement.

    START DATE:  Negotiable.

    Applications may be submitted by using the Pulaski County Schools System’s application forms, which may be obtained from our website at www.pulaski.k12.ga.us or from the above address. Applications submitted through Teach Georgia are also acceptable. Applications will be accepted until position is filled.

    The Pulaski County Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or handicap in educational programs, activities, or employment practices.

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