Winners Announced - Twelve Days Event
Story Date: 12/17/2019

Congratulations to all who participated! 

*Please check for accuracy of the school matched with design. We've had two art contests occurring at the same time, and errors are very easily made. Please forgive us for mistakes, and always know that we are trying really hard to recognize students from a ten district area. The displays are awesome and can be viewed by driving through the HGRESA horseshoe parking lot through December. (HGRESA, 717 Smith Street, Dublin) All sponsors are requested to make sure that displays are removed by Dec. 31. Thanks so much for participating and showcasing your students' creative designs. May this special holiday season be filled with peace, love, contentment, doing for others, great health, patience, staying positive and hopeful, family, and friends. Keep the thinking and creativity moving forward... 


1st Place:   Four Calling Birds (Southwest Laurens Elementary)

1st Place:  Eight Maids a Milking (Montgomery Elementary)


1st Place:  Six Geese a Laying (West Laurens High)

1st Place:  Seven Swans a Swimming (Wilcox High)

1st Place:  Two Turtle Doves (Montgomery High)

2nd Place:  Twelve Drummers Drumming (Montgomery High)

3rd Place:  Four Calling Birds (West Laurens High)

3rd Place:  Patridge in a Pear Tree (West Laurens High) 

4th Place:  Eleven Pipers Piping (East Laurens High)

4th Place:  Three French Hens (Montgomery High)

5th Place:  Five Golden Rings Gift (West Laurens High)


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