License Scam Alert! Veterinary Licensees Targeted
Story Date: 8/17/2020

 WARNING! Callers Spoof Numbers to Obtain Sensitive Information

The American Association of Veterinary State Boards has notified the NCVMA of a licensure scam that has been sent to various state veterinary licensees. Per AAVSB, scammers are spoofing the licensure board information to try and get personal information from licensees.

The AAVSB alert can be found on its website, but we have also posted it below. 

BE ALERT! Protect your information. Report any suspicious calls immediately to the NCVMB, 919-854-5601.

Associate Members who practice outside of NC should contact their respective licensing board(s). 

SCAM ALERT - Licensing Boards Being Spoofed

Some AAVSB member licensing boards are reporting that their licensees are receiving phone calls from people claiming to be staff from the licensing board or law enforcement in an attempt to obtain sensitive license or personal information. The callers will often falsely claim that the licensee is under investigation or that their license is in danger of being suspended. The phone numbers that appear on the caller ID can sometimes appear authentic. This is a common fraud technique known as spoofing.

If you are a licensee that receives a suspicious phone call, please do not share any sensitive information over the phone and contact your licensing board directly right away.


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