November 2016 Newsletter
by Cheryl Cohen on 11/11/2016

                                               Happy Thanksgiving!!!

       Jim McCleary and I held a Workshop on Saturday, November 5th, and we had five people attend. Two of them drove down from South Carolina and the other three are local. We are very excited to have these individuals and their fur babies join our group. We are planning evaluations for Saturday, December 3rd, and are hoping some of these teams will be ready for evaluations. Please plan to help with evaluations if you are available, and please sign up on the calendar so we know how may helpers we have. I am guessing that we will begin at 9:00 and be finished around 1:00 pm. 

      This month we invited Maria Burley to attend the Lee County Transitional Learning Center, for our Humane Education Class. Maria spoke to the students about her motivation for starting "Peanuts Friends", a SW GA animal rescue sight, on facebook. Maria, explained that twelve years ago she lost her kitten who was named "Peanut". Her neighbor also could not find his two cats, they were frantically looking, but unfortunately found out that another neighbor had actually killed them. Maria decided that she needed to forgive this neighbor for this horrible act, and she wanted to make something good come from this very sad event. She started a local rescue sight to help people find their lost pets. Maria is responsible for reuniting and saving many animals lives. Maria is a beautiful soul with a huge heart. Thank you Maria, for all of the good you have done and continue to do for our communities! Maria was also a Paws Patrol member years ago with her bunny. Maria not only has Peanuts Friends that she is responsible for, but she also has her own business now as a pet sitter and dog walker. 

      Phoebe Volunteers be sure to pick up your Turkey on Tuesday, November 15th, from 2:00 - 4:00pm, behind Phoebe North. Remember to bring the flier they mailed, or your Volunteer Badge. Phoebe Main Campus would like for us to start visiting with the 3rd floor Emotional Health Dept. I told them that it would depend on how many teams we have available to visit. I you are not a Phoebe Volunteer and would like to become one, please call Judy Himes in Volunteer Services @ 312-4333.

     I have made a few changes to the calendar: 

    - Willson Hospice House is usually scheduled on Tuesdays and one Saturday each month, but I have changed a couple of the Tuesday visits to Friday. 

    -Aspire has requested we visit on Tuesday rather than Friday, so I have also made this change. Aspire has a younger  group on Tuesdays and the Activity Manager believes they will enjoy the dogs more than the older children. 

     -Due to Thanksgiving, we will visit Wynfield on the third Friday this month ,rather than cancel.

     -Saturday, December 17th I am planning a Christmas Party for Paws Patrol. Please save the date! 

Remember the Holidays can be a very lonely time for some of the folks that we visit, so please plan to visit!

Thank you to Jim and Becky McCleary for a $60.00 donation! 

No Birthdays this month, but we have much to celebrate. 

***********Today we Celebrate our Veterans Mac Walters, Jim McCleary, Bill Livingston, Ted Wright, Patrick Cohen and all of our family or friends who have served, or are currently serving this great country!!!!! Thank you for your service!

Please continue to keep Barbara and Richard Harden, and their sweet Charlye, in your thoughts and prayers!

Congratulations to: 

-Becky Mills is guilty of bragging on Mosby, because he won 1st place in the "Tall Pines Qualifying Stakes" on October 7th. 

-Bill and Judy Landau are bragging on their Champion Moses, who currently is at the National Championship in Texas. GOOD LUCK MOSES!

-Sarah and Steve Pruitt gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Mary Grace, on November 3rd, 6.13# and 19"long. We look forward to meeting her!