December Newsletter 2016
by Cheryl Cohen on 12/19/2016

                                 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

                                 I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with family and friends.

                                                     Front Row: Sandra Knight & Bella, Betty Livinston & Schatzi, Cheryl Cohen with Spike & Maxine, Mark Cohen with Mini & Mandy Back Row: Max Farris & Fig, Gemma Bailey, John Andrews, David Knight, Sam Bailey and Bill Livingston


      This was our first year to participate in Albany's Celebration of Lights Christmas Parade. Humans and dogs alike, all had a really good time.  We had two very nice couples volunteer to help us out. One couple carried our banner while the other couple passed out candy. A huge thank you goes to Gemma & Sam Bailey, and Sheila & John Andrews. I also want to send a huge thank you to Betty and Bill Livingston for finding these very kind folks. 

     I want to send a warm welcome to Fran Clinkscales and her beautiful dog Rosie! Rosie is a very sweet Springer Spaniel. They are our newest Paws Patrol members, and I am working on an updated Volunteer list. The next Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, January 28. I am planning on holding evaluations in late February or early March. Please check your expiration dates and please let me know if you expire 3/31/2017 so we can be sure and get your renewal completed. 

     I have purchased the "Read with Me" handbook for those of you that would like to borrow it. I would highly recommend reading it if you visit the libraries. It has some good tips for getting the most out of the reading program. 

     I am working on the January and February dates for our calendar visits, and i hope to have it posted by the end of the week. I know that this is a busy time of year, but we sure could use some help if you are available. I am changing some things up a little bit for January and February, with the holidays and February being a short month, I had to get a bit creative. We are also invited back to visit with the Whiz Kids program on Wednesday, January the 18th from 3:00-3:55 pm. I have books that teach the children the difference between therapy animals, service animals and also humane education. Last year we visited with them and everyone found it to be very enjoyable. The more teams we have participating, the better the program will be. Please save the date.

     Our Christmas Party was held at my home on Saturday, December 17th. Thank you to everyone that attended. The food was delicious and the company was delightful. It was great to see everyone and catch up with everyone that we don't get to see regularly. I learned that Mac & Marilyn Walters have a new Black Labrador puppy, and they have plans to get her registered with Pet Partners after she turns one year old. On a sadder note, I also learned that Kay Kirkman and her husband Lindsey are retiring and moving near Asheville, N.C. We will miss them and their sweet fur baby Sassy, and hope they will keep in touch. I also want to thank Betty and Bill livingston for suggesting and orchestrating our Dirty, Dirty Santa game. What a great idea and we all had a very good time playing. 

     Judy Himes from Phoebe Volunteer Services asked me to share the following with our group:

"We so enjoy the encouraging responses of hospital patients as well as Hospice and Phoebe Assisted living (Morningside) residents who benefit from our pet visits! Many times we are compelled to hold onto those memories by capturing their smiles with photos. However, please remember that HIPAA prevents us from taking photos of patients or residents at any health-related facility. For Phoebe facilities, Marketing must be involved in any photos of patients or residents. You are welcome to take pictures of the volunteer teams as long as no patients or patient information are visible. A good place would be in a common area such as at the entrance or in the lobby. Thank you so much for considering this requirement. Thank you! Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!Judy Himes" 

Please continue to keep Barbara Jackson-Harden, Richard Harden and Charlye in your thoughts and prayers! 

Happy Birthday to our December Birthdays!! Happy Birthday Kay Kirkman, Sarah Pruitt and Mark Cohen!

Thank you to all, for sharing your precious fur babies with our communities!