People By Group - RESA Directors (16)
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L NameGREMDistrictsEmployerPositionOffice CityHome City
Chambers, Harold Yes Coastal Plains DirectorLenox, GA 31637 
Cordy, Hayward  Yes10/26/128Oconee RESAExecutive DiTennille, GA 31089 
DePaul, Samuel Yes09/51/007North Georgia RDirectorElijay, GA 30540 
Everson, Keith Yes09/47/118Northeast GeorgExecutive DiWinterville, GA 30683 
Gordy, Stephanie Yes03/16/130Griffin RESAExecutive DiGriffin, GA 30224 
Helms, Tim Yes02/12/171Southwest Ga REExecutive DiCamilla, GA 31730 
Jacobs, Greg Yes01/07/176Okefenokee RESAExecutive DiWaycross, GA 31503 
McCorkle, Richard Yes02/15/138Chattahoochee-FDirectorEllaville, GA 31806 
Miletto, Steve Yes Heart of Ga RESExecutive DiDublin, GA 31021 
Mills, Dexter  Yes14/52/014Northwest GeorgExecutive DiRome, GA 30161 
Myers, Whit Yes First District Executive DiBrooklet, GA 30415 
Old, Justin Yes09/51/010Pioneer RESAExecutive DiCleveland, GA 30528 
Putman, Leigh Ann Yes Metro RESAExecutive DiSmyrna, GA 30080 
Spates, Rachel Yes03/28/132West Georgia REExecutive DiGrantville, GA 30220 
Sullivan, Gene Yes CSRA RESAExecutive DiDearing, GA 30808 
Williams, Carolyn Yes Middle Georgia Executive DiWarner Robbins, GA 31088